Have you ever experienced something strange or out of place that was just a little too coincidental to ignore? Would you believe that some of the most unbelievable coincidences have actually occurred in real life? It’d be easy to discount these coincidences as mere luck, but each occurrence is a truly remarkable moment that happened spontaneously and quite by chance.

Whether it’s something as small as an exact time showing up on a number of clocks or something as big as a father and son pair receiving the exact same awards, these coincidences are sure to make you take a second look. In this article, we’ll present some of the most amazing coincidences that you won’t believe actually happened in real life.

Twin Planes Crashing

One of the most extraordinary coincidences that you won’t believe actually happened in real life is the twin plane crash of 1979. On December 25, 1979, two Boeing 727 airplanes called PSA Flight 1771 and USAir Flight 875 were en route to predetermined destinations.

Unfortunately, both planes flew off course and crashed almost simultaneously, resulting in the death of nearly 100 passengers and crew members. The investigation concluded that the crash was a result of a former employee, David Burke, intentionally tampering with the radios of both planes and setting them on a course of destruction.

Same People, Different Places

The same exact person found in different places at the same time isn’t something you hear everyday, but this story certainly breaks that mold. While traveling alone, Jónína Björk met a woman at the airport who looked identical to her.

Once on the plane, Jónína noticed the woman next to her had the same passport photo and itinerary as her. After an awkward series of questions, the two realized they were actually twin sisters who were separated at birth.

Eyepatch Connection

Another coincidence that you won’t believe actually happened in real life is the eyepatch connection. While living overseas, Bill Burchom, a traveler from the United States, spotted a Jewish couple wearing matching eyepatches outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo. Through a strange set of questions, Bill found out the couple’s son had enlisted in the American Scuba Diving Team.

It turns out the eyepatches were a point of recognition that their son gave them, which was to always wear matching eyepatches if they ever happened to run into each other while they were away. Remarkably enough, they did.

Father & Son Awards

In another incredible story, a father and son duo were both presented with a prestigious military award in the same year. After completing an arduous training program for the U.S. Army’s Aviation Warrant Officer Program, Michael Loomis and his father, Darnell, were each presented with the Aviation Badge.

To make matters even more coincidental, the award was awarded to both on the very same day. To commemorate this extraordinary coincidence, their family members created a twin pin with both of their last names inscribed on it.

Which Famous Person Are You?

The classic “which famous person are you?” game may seem like a bunch of luck and guessing but one story shows it can truly show who you are. Two people, who share the same first and last name, have a peculiar connection that wasn’t just made to be.

Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger, both famous Hollywood actors, were checking into a french restaurant. When they gave their names, they were both addressed with the same surname, indicating that they were related.

The coincidences discussed in this article are just a few that you won’t believe actually happened in real life. Whether it’s a strange case of twins being separated and reunited, the eyepatch connection, or the father and son duo receiving the same award, these coincidences show that chance can often bring about incredible moments. We hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing coincidences and inspire you to look out for more extraordinary occurrences in your daily life.