Height can make a big difference in Hollywood, where being tall can give people an imposing onscreen presence. It’s no surprise that many actors and actresses are taller than you ever imagined. Here are some of the Hollywood elite who tower over the average person.

Dwayne Johnson – 6 Ft 5

The Rock is one of the most famous and successful actors of modern-day Hollywood. He’s well known for his muscular physique and towering frame, standing at an impressive 6 ft 5 inches. Johnson’s intimidating presence makes him the perfect guy for roles in sci-fi, action and comedy films.

Brad Pitt – 5 Ft 11

Though he may be one of the most iconic actors of all time, Brad Pitt is surprisingly short, standing at only 5 ft 11 inches. But don’t think height has ever been a disadvantage for Pitt; with his charming personality and incredible presence, he’s made an iconic career out of being an “average” height.

Chris Hemsworth – 6 Ft 3

You may know him best as the thunder god, Thor, but Chris Hemsworth is actually much taller than his onscreen persona. The Australian-born actor is a whopping 6 Ft 3 and isn’t afraid to show off his titan-sized frame. Hemsworth’s height makes him the perfect god for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rebecca Romijn – 6 Ft

The model-turned-actress is renowned for her bombshell figure, but she’s also incredibly tall. Rebecca Romijn stands at 6 Ft, towering over her co-stars. Romijn has starred in multiple X-Men films, using her long legs to her advantage.

Gina Carano – 5 Ft 8

Gina Carano may not be among the tallest celebrities on this list, but her height is still impressive. The MMA fighter and actress is 5 ft 8 and her muscular frame towers over many of her colleagues. Carano has made a name for herself as a star of fast-paced action films.

Vanilla Ice – 6 Ft 2

Vanilla Ice was popularized in the late 80s and 90s for his distinctive style and hit songs. What many don’t know is that the rapper is 6 ft 2 and towers over many of his fans. Ice has also been featured in some of the world’s biggest action films, taking advantage of his cool style and intimidating height.

The Rockettes – All 6 Ft Or Taller

The iconic dance troupe, The Rockettes, are known for their high-energy performances and show-stopping dance routines. To perform their routines, the members of the troupe must all be tall, with all members standing at 6 ft or taller. It’s no surprise that the iconic dance troupe has their own unique style!

NBA Players – Average 6 Ft 7

Agile and tall, NBA players are some of the tallest people in the world. The average height of an NBA player is 6 ft 7, giving them an edge when it comes to playing competitive basketball. Being tall helps NBA players shoot higher and reach further to make their shots.

Height is often seen as a status symbol in Hollywood, and it’s clear that celebrities are often taller than you ever imagined. From Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth to The Rockettes and NBA players, many celebrities are a towering force in their fields. So, the next time you see one of these towering figures on the big screen, you’ll know that they’re way taller than you ever expected!