Celebrities lead fascinating lives, and oftentimes, details about their personal lives that the public doesn’t know can be almost as exciting as discovering something new about their professional accomplishments. One interesting fact of a celebrity’s life that’s sure to leave audiences astonished is when they discover that the celebrity they thought they knew was actually a part of a set of twins. 

That’s right—there are many stars out there who have a twin sibling with whom they share the limelight. While some have made it publicly known, others have kept the identity of their secret sibling under wraps. Here’s the surprising truth about some of your favorite celebrities that you didn’t know have a twin.

Celebrities Who Publicly Revealed They Have A Twin

There are some stars that have proudly revealed to their fans that they have a twin. Here are a few examples of actors, musicians, and reality television stars who have opened up about their twin sibling:

  1. Tia & Tamera Mowry: The Mowry twins got their start in the early ’90s when they starred in their own TV show, Sister, Sister. They both grew up to pursue successful careers in Hollywood, but they remain close—they both even starred in reality television series, Tia & Tamera, which explored their continued adventures as they navigated their busy lives and careers.

  2. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Most of us will probably recognize these sisters as the stars of Full House. However, when that show ended, they started their own billion-dollar empire, which includes a popular clothing line. Both sisters have been in the public eye for more than 30 years, having started their careers at the young age of nine months old.

  3. Beyoncé & Solange Knowles: These sisters are arguably two of the biggest stars of their generation. They both have achieved massive success in their respective fields—Beyoncé as a singer and songwriter, and Solange as a singer, songwriter, and actress. The sisters have been close ever since their parents divorced, and they’ve supported one another in all their endeavors.

  4. Dylan & Cole Sprouse: These brothers started their acting careers as infants, when together they portrayed the character of Patrick Kelly on the television show Grace Under Fire. They later moved to the big screen, featuring in movies such as Big Daddy and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. They’ve continued to star in movies, have created a popular podcast, and obtained degrees from prestigious universities.

  5. Scarlett & Hunter Johansson: Scarlett is undeniably the more famous of the two siblings from the Johansson family—she’s starred in a number of iconic films, including Lost In Translation, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and the Marvel franchise. Hunter, however, is an equally creditable actor, having starred in films such as Manny & Lo and The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Had A Twin You Never Knew

In addition to the stars who openly talk about their twin siblings, there are many celebrities who have kept the details of their twin status to themselves. Here are some stars who you likely didn’t realize were part of a set of twins:

  1. Ashton Kutcher & Michael Kutcher: We all know Ashton Kutcher, who has starred in a number of films, including the romantic comedy, No Strings Attached. But did you know he has a fraternal twin brother named Michael? Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy, lives in Iowa and does not have any desire to become famous.

  2. Alyson Stoner & AJ Michalka: Alyson Stoner surprised us all when she revealed in an interview with People that she had a twin sister named AJ. Alyson has starred in a number of films, including Cheaper by the Dozen, and the Step Up franchise. AJ, on the other hand, is a successful singer-songwriter and released an album with her sister, Aly & AJ, in 2017.

  3. Amber Rose & Antonio Hewlett: Amber Rose is a well-known model, television host, author, and businesswoman. However, most people don’t know that she has a twin brother named Antonio Hewlett. Although little is known about him, it’s been reported that his primary occupation is in the music industry.

  4. Shawn Ashmore & Aaron Ashmore: Shawn Ashmore is best known for playing Bobby Drake (Iceman) in X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. He has another twin brother, Aaron, who appeared alongside him in the latter X-Men movie as Jimmy. The brothers have made it known that they’re close in real life, just as their characters were in the movies.

  5. Jason & Jeremy London: These brothers both have impressive records in the acting world. Jason has featured in a number of films, including on shows like 7th Heaven and Party of Five, while Jeremy starred in Mallrats and other films. But the similarities don’t stop there—in addition to their acting careers, the brothers also have another venture, running a jeanswear company.

Celebrities Who Have a Twin You Never Knew

With so many stars sharing their news of having a twin sibling, there are some celebrities who have kept that tidbit of information to themselves. Here are a few stars whose twin you likely weren’t aware of:

  1. Hayden Christensen: You’ve probably seen Hayden Christensen in a number of his remarkable roles, particularly as Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. However, some fans may be unaware that he has a twin brother, Tove, who shares the same taste in acting. He has made appearances in the movies American Psycho II and Love & Guns, and is currently working as a producer.

  2. Adam DeVine: Most may recognize Adam DeVine from his starring role in Pitch Perfect and his role in the sitcom Workaholics, but did you know he has a twin sister as well? Kelley, his sister, has dabbled in acting as well, appearing in a few episodes of his show.

  3. Paul & PJ Dano: Paul Dano has appeared in a number of acclaimed films, including Little Miss Sunshine and 12 Years a Slave. It may have come as a surprise to many when he revealed his twin brother PJ in his directorial debut, Wildlife.

  4. Blake & Dion Jenner: If you followed Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then you’re probably aware of a lot of the details of Kylie Jenner’s life, such as the fact that she has a half-brother, a baby named Stormi, and a older brother, Dion. What you may not have known is that KYlie actually has a twin, who’s now known as DJ Blake Jenner.

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Meinhard Schwarzenegger: Arnie’s twin, Meinhard, was born shortly before his successful movie career took off, and was unfortunately much less fortunate than Arnold. At the age of 21, he died in a car accident while he drove to their parents home in Austria. To pay tribute to his fallen brother, Arnold got his initials “M.S” tattooed on his arm.

It’s truly incredible how many celebrities we’ve grown to love over the years actually have a twin that we never knew anything about. While some stars openly discuss the fact that they share a bond with a twin sibling, others have chosen to keep that part of their lives private. Whether they’ve decided to share or not, it’s interesting to learn more about the lives of celebrities and their secret twins. So next time you’re watching one of your favorite films featuring a celebrity, take a closer look—you might not realize it, but the actor you’re watching might have a twin!