A joke that’s funny is like a prayer — everyone needs it. People have been searching for ways to laugh during difficult times, and dark coronavirus jokes are no exception. If you’ve got a twisted sense of humor and are looking for a laugh — no matter how dark it might be — then you’ve come to the right place. From dry one-liners to silly social media posts, here’s a list of dark coronavirus jokes for those with a twisted sense of humor.

Dark Coronavirus Jokes

  1. “The only thing worse than quarantine is having to hear other people’s quarantine jokes.”
  2. “At least Ebola got a movie and a one-man show. What’s coronavirus getting? A Vine?”
  3. Q: “Why did the tomato get coronavirus?”
    A: “Because it was feeling a little tikka masala.”
  4. “The coronavirus is like a fish tank – everyone’s trying to stay six feet away from it.”
  5. “Coronavirus is like a stray cat – it just keeps coming back.”
  6. “If it weren’t for the pandemic, I’d be a lot more productive. But like, at least I have Netflix.”
  7. “I’d self-isolate for a few hours for some alone time, but the government beat me to it.”
  8. Q: “What did one virus say to the other?”
    A: “Stay safe, my friend.”
  9. “This pandemic is like a horror movie. We’re all just waiting for the sequel.”
  10. “At least the virus makes it easier to lie about where I’ve been. I haven’t been any place. I can’t even leave the house!”

Dark Coronavirus Memes

A meme can pack just as much of a punch as a joke. Here are some of the funniest dark coronavirus memes the internet has to offer.

  1. A picture of two bears in pajamas at a campsite with the caption, “Social distancing before it was cool.”

  2. An image of an overflowing sink with the text, “Me: why do we need to isolate? Also me: washing my hands for the 8th time today.”

  3. A black and white portrait of a person looking at their phone with the caption, “Me in quarantine: Can’t believe I can’t see people, but I idk what I would do without my phone and internet.”

  4. A man in a hazmat suit with the caption, “Me at the grocery store.”

  5. A picture of a woman in a hospital gown with the caption, “My covid-19 kit is more fashionable than my actual wardrobe.”

  6. An image of a person wearing a mask with a bubble filled with the words, “Me: I just want to hug somebody.”

  7. A picture of a person wearing full protective gear and a face shield with the text, “me sending my resume: making sure I look good in case someone is actually looking.”

  8. A black and white picture of an empty street with the caption, “Pandemic 2020: when even the zombies stay home.”

  9. A picture of a couple sitting at an outdoor cafe with the caption, “Things got so weird I had to take my partner out…on a date.”

  10. A photo of person in a car with the words, “When someone asks you how much you’ve been out during this pandemic.”

Dark Coronavirus Quotes

Not all of us can come up with the best jokes, so here are some dark coronavirus quotes from the most hilarious minds on the internet.

  1. “Coronavirus: Here’s your reminder to keep away from family and friends” — Unknown

  2. “If you think your birthday will be the same during coronavirus, you’re in for a surprise.” — Unknown

  3. “Social distancing: because seeing my friends isn’t worth getting sick over.” — Unknown

  4. “The pandemic is like Groundhog Day but with less Bill Murray and more toilet paper.” — Unknown

  5. “Covid-19: every day is a PPE day.” — Unknown

  6. “Covid-19: more like covid-bored.” — Unknown

  7. “If quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that I could easily be a hermit.” — Unknown

  8. “I have to say, I’ve become quite the homebody since the pandemic.” — Unknown

  9. “Coronavirus: the only thing scarier than the zombie apocalypse.” — Unknown

  10. “Covid-19: living like a vampire without the sexiness.” — Unknown

No matter how dark the joke, a good laugh is the best medicine. So if you’re in need of a chuckle, be sure to check out the list of dark coronavirus jokes and memes above. No matter what your sense of humor is like, you’re bound to find something that will make you laugh. If all else fails, remember that “This too shall pass.” Keep smiling, and soon enough you’ll laugh your way out of this dark time.