In many cases, a person’s pets will reflect their owner’s personality, or even look like a small version of them. It’s almost like the pet and its owner get curated over time to match each other’s traits and features. Dogs who look so similar to their owners it’s almost scary are a fun and exciting aspect of pet ownership.

If you’re a pet parent to one of these uncanny lookalikes, you’re probably in awe of how strong the resemblance is between you and your pup. This article will explore why some pets and their owners look so much alike, and share some photos of doggie doppelgangers that are likely to make you do a double-take.

Why Some Dogs & Owners Look Alike

Have you ever looked in the mirror with your pup and noticed that you seem to share similar features? There’s a reason why some pet owners and their dogs look alike. Here are a few explanations that might explain the eerily similar resemblance:

• Physical Contact: Dogs mimic their owner’s behavior due to constant physical contact. Scientists at the University of Arizona have found similar evidence in a study which showed that dogs and their owners mimic each other’s tone and body language. As a result, it’s possible for them to eventually start looking alike.

• Genetics: Genetics play a major role when it comes to physical characteristics. Dogs can inherit their looks from both breeds. Similarly, people are likely to pass down their genetic information to their four-legged friends. They may share the same eyes, complexion, fur flavor, and more.

• Adoption of Similar Behaviors: Another reason why people and their pets may look alike is that they often adopt similar behaviors. Owners who love their pet’s bubbly personality and comedic behavior may begin to behave in the same way, resulting in similar facial expressions and mannerisms.

• Psychic Power: Some believe that humans and their pets could be sharing a special psychic bond that helps them to look alike. This could be true because there have been plenty of studies that show how a dog and its owner can communicate and share similar emotions, even from a distance.

Photos of Dog and Owner Doppelgangers

We’ve listed a few of the reasons why some dogs and owners share a strong resemblance, but we can’t finish the article without showing off a few of those uncanny canine and hooman lookalikes, right?

Take a look:

  1. This white, furry pup and its owner with their matching grins and eyebrows

  2. This goofy pug and its owner with their same color eyes and happy-go-lucky facial expressions

  3. This photogenic Chihuahua and its fur baby mom with their deep brown eyes

  4. This sweet Golden Retriever and its owner with their beautiful blonde hair

  5. These Corgi pups and their furry parents with their similar cheeky smiles

  6. This adventurous Lab and its expedition-ready master with their matching furrowed brows

  7. This fierce French Bulldog and its dad showing off their determined gaze

  8. These outgoing Bichon’s and their owners with their matching smirk

There have been plenty of photos of pet and parent lookalikes floating around the internet that are sure to make you feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending déjà vu moment.

It’s no secret that some pet owners share a strong resemblance with their furry friends. While there are many explanations as to why some people and their pups look so alike, there’s no definitive answer. Whatever the reason, the uncanny resemblance between pet and parent is sure to put a smile on any pet-lover’s face.

Do you have photos of you and your pupper that prove you’re near-identical lookalikes? If so, show them off in the comments. We’d love to see them.