It is natural to think that after one reaches the age of 65, the idea of wearing skirts may no longer fit into the wardrobe – something that is for the younger generations. But in reality, stylish and comfortable skirts can work for seniors too. It all depends on how you pair them with the right accessories and find the right fit. Here are some expert tips for wearing skirts over 65 that are both chic and comfortable.

Finding The Right Fit
When it comes to seniors and finding the right fit for a skirt, it is important to ensure that the skirt is neither too tight nor too loose. There should be room to move, but it should still fit snugly. If you find a skirt slightly too big, you can always use a waistband to tighten it up. A skirt that is too long can be hemmed, but leaving a few inches of extra length can help keep it from riding up uncomfortable.

Types of Skirts to Consider
When it comes to skirts, there are many stylish options for seniors. But it is important to consider the skirt’s material and cut. A skirt with an a-line or straight cut can be flattering, while a skirt with pleats can also add a nice touch of elegance. As for materials, it is recommended to look for skirts with stretch fabric, like a lightweight jersey. Jersey skirts are versatile and comfortable, so they make a great option for seniors.

Accessorizing for a Flattering Look
Accessorizing is key to making a skirt look chic and flattering, no matter your age. A belt can be used to cinch in the waist and create a nice look. It is also a good idea to wear a cardigan over your skirt for a classic look. For footwear, low-heeled shoes or sandals are recommended for seniors, as high heels can be uncomfortable and challenging to walk in.

Styling Tips
When it comes to styling, the goal should be to create balance and emphasize the right parts of your shape. A longer skirt that comes down to the calf or ankle can be a good option, as it will flatter your figure and make you appear slimmer. Brighter colors can also be flattering, as they will draw attention to the best parts of your shape. Lastly, never forget to add a few nice accessories such as a necklace or ring to complete the look.

Layering Tips
Layering is another great way to make your skirt look stylish and flattering. Longer skirts can be layered with sweaters, jackets, or vests for an interesting look. Just make sure to keep the layers light and not too bulky, otherwise your outfit could appear heavy and unflattering.

Ultimately, wearing skirts over 65 can be incredibly chic and comfortable. It all comes down to finding the right fit, types of skirts, and accessorizing with the right items. Styling and layering can also help create a flattering look that is sure to turn heads. Follow these expert tips and you will be ready to show off your stylish and comfortable look!