Icebreakers That Are Guaranteed to Get a Laugh Making a first impression is an important factor in the success and flow of any gathering. It’s essential to craft the right atmosphere, so that conversations and activities can begin with a positive energy. Icebreakers, funnily enough, are great for achieving this. Whether you are looking for an activity to kick off a networking event, team building activity, or party, we have some tried and tested icebreakers guaranteed to get your party going with a laugh.

Why Use Icebreakers That Are Guaranteed to Get a Laugh?
Starting a meeting or event with laughter is a great way to get everyone in the right frame of mind. People who laugh together tend to build a bond quite quickly. This kind of energized atmosphere tends to lead to more productive conversations, more useful problem-solving, and an overall positive vibe.

Types of Icebreakers That Are Guaranteed to Get a Laugh
Regardless of the group of people you are trying to get talking and bonding, there are plenty of icebreakers that should get everyone giggling. These icebreakers can either be part of an activity-based game or they can be spoken out loud.

  1. Choose Your Story
    Choose Your Story is probably one of the best icebreaker games out there. It’s extremely simple and guaranteed to encourage a few laughs. Everyone in the group takes turns making up a crazy and imaginative story one sentence at a time. This can get pretty wild and humorous, as you never know what direction the story is going to take.

  2. Two Truths and a Lie
    This is a classic game which is fun, fast and is the perfect icebreaker if everyone in the group already knows each other. To play the game, everyone in the group has to say three statements about themselves. Two of the statements must be true, and one statement must be a lie. Everyone else in the group then has to guess which of the three statements is untrue.

  3. Buzzword
    This light-hearted game requires little preparation but is great at fostering team bonding amongst larger groups. To play the game, each member of the group must take a few seconds to think of a random word and then shout it out. Soon enough, the whole group is throwing out buzzwords, making for a fun and quirky atmosphere.

  4. Animals
    This is a very simple yet highly effective icebreaker. All you need to do is assign each person in the room with an animal and they must act out or describe their given animal until everyone has guessed what it is. This icebreaker works great with larger groups and should get everyone laughing.

  5. Conversation Starters
    This is the most low-key icebreaker on the list and is great if you are looking for an environment which encourages more serious conversations. In this game, each member of the group must take turns to ask an interesting and thought-provoking question to the group. Discussion-based icebreakers like this make for a more calming yet powerful energy.

  6. Pass the Orange
    This is a physically active icebreaker game that requires all participants to work together in order to achieve the desired outcome. All you need to do is get each person to stand in a circle and give one of the participants a real or a pretend orange. The participant must pass the orange along, but must only do so by using their necks. The game is fun and should get everyone in the group laughing.

  7. Flip The Board
    This game requires an actual board, such as a whiteboard, flip chart or magnet board. The board should be placed in the center of the room and each participant must take turns to place a post-it on the board with one aspect of themselves. For example, someone may write their name on a post-it, or a quality that they possess. Everyone else in the group then gets to guess who the post-it belongs to.

Have Fun With Icebreakers That Are Guaranteed to Get a Laugh
Icebreakers are an essential tool for influencing the atmosphere at the start of a new event and creating a comfortable environment. Some of these icebreakers may seem silly and light-hearted, but trust us, they are guaranteed to get a group talking, laughing, and bonding.