Forgot your spouse’s birthday this year? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. There’s no need to agonize over shopping for the perfect gift for your special someone! We’ve found some awesome last-minute gift ideas for your spouse that will be sure to wow them despite your procrastination.

Stock up on these Gift Ideas & Conquer the Clock

No one wants to chance poor reviews from their spouse. Don’t worry. These creative last-minute gift ideas are sure to make your spouse forget all about the fact that you’re running late:

• Personalized Artwork: Shop online for one-of-a-kind personalized artwork featuring your favorite photos. Whether it’s a painting, caricature, or customized poster, these artistic gifts are sure to wow your spouse.

• Flowers and Edible Gifts: Don’t forget about flowers and food. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a colorful bouquet of your spouse’s favorite flowers or a decadent box of chocolates.

• Visual Keepsakes: Get creative and create a “visual keepsake” of your time together. Showcase your favorite photos in a digital frame, playlist the soundtrack of your time together, or compile home videos into one amazing gift.

• Gift Certificates: If you’re short on time, a gift certificate makes a simple but thoughtful last-minute gift. Give them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, spa, or store and let them choose their own treat.

• Personalized Gifts: If you have a little bit of time on your hands, go the extra mile and create a personalized gift. Design a custom coffee mug with a picture of you two on it, or create a custom T-Shirt with their favorite quote or inside-joke.

Think Outside the Box & Make a Grand Gesture

If you really want to wow your spouse, wear your heart on your sleeve and think outside the box. Big, sweeping gestures often make a much bigger impact than tangible gifts. Here are some examples of grand gestures that will leave your special someone all smiles:

• Plan a Trip for Two: Looking for the perfect grand gesture? Why not plan a romantic getaway for two? Whether it’s a weekend away or a weeklong vacation, the memories are sure to last long past the day itself.

• A Special Drive: Give your spouse the gift of an afternoon (or even a day) off. Surprise them with a leisurely drive around town, or plan a day-trip to a nearby destination they’ve been wanting to explore.

• A Night Out: Make a reservation at a nice restaurant or arrange a special get-together with your spouse’s family and friends. If you’re feeling extra romantic, pop some champagne and have a picnic on the beach or at the park.

• A Surprise Party: Celebrate their special day with a surprise birthday bash and invite all their closest family and friends. Throw a themed party around their favorite activity or hobby and don’t forget a special cake.

• An Unexpected Gift: For a truly special surprise, make suggestions and lukewarm hints regarding “the perfect present.” This way, your spouse can rest assured that the gift is coming soon, and not appear ungrateful for your hard work!

DIY Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Feeling crafty? Put together a masterpiece! DIY last-minute gifts add that extra special touch to any occasion. These DIY projects are unique, custom, and can be completed at lightning speed. Here are some great gift ideas to get you inspired:

• Decorations: Decorate a glass or ceramic jar and give it a personalized label. Choose any design or color and add a few scented candles and flowers. If you have time, you can also decorate a photo frame with wrappings and ribbons, or make a bracelet or necklace.

• Gourmet Treats: Give a unique gourmet gift by packing some homemade cookies in a cute box. Add a few of their favorite chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit for a snack that is both delicious and thoughtful.

• Spa Treatments: DIY spa treatments are a great way to show your love and remind them to take a break and relax. Put together your own spa basket filled with luxury items like essential oils, spa soaps, body scrubs, and lotions.

• Fun Games: Put together a fun game night in a box. Include a personalized board game, a deck of cards with custom rules, or choose from any of your favorite classic games.

• Music Collection: Put together a personalized music playlist on Spotify or Apple Music – include their favorite songs, one’s they love but don’t know, or any special tune that will remind them of you.

Running late doesn’t mean your gift has to suffer. With a few last-minute gifts, grand gestures, and a little bit of creativity, you can have a unique and thoughtful gift delivered to your spouse in no time. Don’t panic. Instead, take this opportunity to show your spouse how much they mean to you with an unexpected present they won’t soon forget.