The world has long been enthralled by the larger than life figure of icon and art-force, Grace Jones. From her incredible music to her ground-breaking modeling, her influence cannot be understated and her story one of success and fame. Though while she is the one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment world, few know of her only son and muse, Paulo Goude.

  1. Who Is Paulo Goude?

Paulo Goude is the adopted brother of Grace Jones, the son of her and late Jean-Paul Goude, fashion photographer extraordinaire and designer. Born in Paris, and raised in the United States, Paulo has lived a life of art and glamour, bordering on surreal. Now a grown man and leader in his own right, he stands out as a truly shining example of admiration and grace. Through his modeling, music, and dedication to charity, Paulo Goude has made a true mark on the world, both for himself and for his incredible mother.

  1. Paulo Goude’s Early Years

As a young man, Paulo Goude was never far away from his mother’s legendary career and performances. Growing up following her on tour and gaining influence from her showmanship, Paulo was shaped into the creative force he is today. His modeling career began at a young age, with he and his mother often sharing campaigns and events over the years. Paulo’s mother often attributes his early success in modeling to her own influence and style, that she so naturally brought to the world of art and fashion.

Though being in the public spotlight was always a natural part of Paulo’s life, he was never defined by it. While gracefully developing into a name in the entertainment industry, Paulo also attended college and completed a degree in International Business at Fordham University. This education provided Paulo with a strong sense of identity and dedication that would be necessary for his further success in the fashion industry.

  1. Paulo Goude’s Modeling Career

Throughout his career as a model and as a part of the fashion elite, Paulo Goude has made a significant impact in the industry and the world of art. In 2009 he was chosen to be the muse for superstar photographer Helmut Newton, who was truly taken with Paulo’s unique stance and energy. After a successful experience, Paulo was asked back by Newton to be a part of the Guess Campaign a few years later in 2013. This was an incredible honor and a perfect representation of Paulo’s sophisticated and stylish artwork.

In addition to his immense involvement with Newton and Guess, Paulo has also been featured in numerous other campaigns, including Emporio Armani and St. Laurent. His years of modeling have enriched the world of art with his inspiring and thoughtful work. From his sculpted features and sultry poses to his artistic takes on fashion and photography, Paulo has solidified himself as an influential member of the fashion world.

  1. Paulo Goude’s Music Career

Though Paulo Goude is best known for his modeling and artistry, he is also an incredibly talented musician. He is lead singer and guitarist for the immensely talented and acclaimed group, The Beasts of War. The group has toured around the United States and Europe and has been featured in iconic fashion magazines, such as Vogue Italia. The Beasts of War is a fascinating and inspiring group, with their unique sound and powerful performances.

In addition to his work as a musician, Paulo Goude is also is an increasingly popular DJ. His talent and knowledge of music is undeniable and that talent is put on full display during his constantly sold-out gigs. Paulo is able to captivate audiences of all genres, sizes, and ages. From his memorable sets to his undying passion for music, Paulo consistently uplifts and strengthens the music industry with his inspiring work.

  1. Paulo Goude’s Charity and Philanthropy

Aside from his inspiring music career and modeling excellence, Paulo Goude is an incredibly giving and caring person. He is the proud founder and President of the charity, the Goude Foundation, which works to provide aid and resources to those in need all around the world. The Foundation has made incredible efforts in many areas, including orphans, disadvantaged children, education, health/medical care, and humanitarian aid. It is a heart-warming act of kindness, dedication, and understanding that gives Paulo’s life further meaning.

Paulo has also been involved with numerous other charitable events and symposiums, expanding his reach and pushing others to do the same. He is the epitome of a selfless leader, always putting the betterment of others before his own ambitions. It is his immense care and understanding for all humans that makes Paulo Goude an even greater example of greatness and admiration.

  1. Paulo Goude: An Iconic Figure

Paulo Goude presents an undeniable legacy of superstardom, creativity, and excellence. His mother and muse, Grace Jones, has described him as a “talented icon of beauty and fashion” and it is undeniable that he is living up to all of her expectations. With a successful career as both a model and musician, his journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

From his beginnings to his current status, Paulo Goude is a stunning example of success, dedication, and hope. His music, artistry, charity, and soul shine brighter than the sun, constantly inspiring and uplifting those around him. Paulo Goude truly is a leader, an icon, and a shining example of happiness and grace.