The 2000s was an iconic era for fashion, music, and trends, and the “cool kids” of the 2000s had some of the most stylish and sought after possessions. From coveted cell phones to trendy apparel, there seemed to be an endless list of must-have items that sparked the envy of the less cool crowd. Let’s take a look back on the popular possessions of the “cool kids” in the 2000s and see where they have gone with these memories.


Back in the 2000’s, flip phones were the peak of cell phone technology, and as such, they had to be owned by the cool kids. They were sleek, slim, and had color screens that lit up with every text and call. They had popular games like Snake and you could change your screen background to pictures you took yourself or downloaded from your computer. Motorola RAZR’s were the must-have brand and model of the times, with newer models coming out quite often.

Music Players

The introduction of the iPod had allowed people to take their music on the go, and the most popular players of the time were iPods, followed by the Sony Walkman and Discmans. CDs were still quite popular and the cost of digital music was still seen as expensive by many. iPods came in different sizes and dozens of different color combinations for cases and skins to match any style.

Video Games

Video games were a huge part of the teenage culture in the 2000s and the game consoles to own were PlayStations and Xboxes. Super Smash Bros. Melee was the best game for the Nintendo GameCube and Halo was the must-have game for the Xbox. Many nights were spent among friends playing the latest games and having the best console and most popular titles was a status symbol for the cool kids.

Make-up and Skincare

In the 2000s, skincare and makeup were becoming popular among teens nationwide. The cool kids would spend their time experimenting with various products and YouTube tutorials to perfect their looks. Some of the most popular products included Maybelline Tattoo Eyeliner, CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black, and Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil.


Among the teens of the 2000s, clothing outfits were very important to obtain the image of the cool kids. Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle were the popular brands of the time, with their slim fitting jeans and graphic t-shirts. Uggs were coveted, with every color and new designs taking over the scene every few months.


Cool kids were often seen wearing designer jewelry to add a touch of class to their everyday look. Luxury designer items like Tiffany & Co. jewelry, David Yurman rings, and Gucci belts were the staples for the most stylish. For those on a tight budget, fake jewelry from stores like Claire’s and Forever 21 were just as popular.

The 2000s was a time of technological and fashion advancements, with the popular possessions of the “cool kids” changing as time went on. From cell phones to makeup, having the latest items was a must to fit in and be considered trendy. Looking back, it is fun to see the items of the past and remember the bright and stylish days of the 2000s.