The mention of the 1980s often brings back nostalgic memories of a simpler time, especially when it comes to the Christmas season. Back then, the holiday was all about coming together as a family, warm traditions and opportunities for togetherness. Today, the holiday season has changed with the times, but some people still have a soft spot for the way Christmas used to be. Here are a few reasons why Christmas in the 1980s was so much better.

  1. Decorating the Tree was More Fun
    When it comes to actually decorating the Christmas tree, there’s something special about enjoying the process rather than trying to get it done quickly. Christmas trees back in the 80s were usually real, complete with the pine smell and needles that drop on the floor. Everyone in the family had a part to play and displaying homemade ornaments created an especially memorable experience. There were no fancy lights, just plain old lights that were strung carefully by hand.

  2. Songs Were Still Real
    The modern Christmas season is often filled with autotuned renditions of holiday classics, but back in the 80s, Christmas songs were sung in their original form. There was a certain level of purity attached to Christmas carols and nostalgia-filled holiday songs that can’t be produced with modern auto-tune technology. After all, nothing says “Christmas” like hearing the opening bars of “Frosty the Snowman” or “Jingle Bells”.

  3. Hosting Holiday Parties was Easier
    Before the days of the internet, recipe sharing, and Pinterest-perfect parties, hosting a holiday party was much simpler. All you really needed was a few decorations, an assortment of drinks, and a few snacks, and you were good to go! When Christmas came around every year, families would get together with their neighbors or extended family members to exchange gifts and stories and watch their favorite holiday movies.

  4. Toys Were Simpler
    When you think of Christmas in the 80s, chances are you think of some of the most iconic toys of all time. There were the plush, cuddly Teddy Ruxpin and the ever-so-versatile Cabbage Patch Kid. Then of course there was Fisher Price, Legos and the beloved Stretch Armstrong that kids would pull until it was as long as your arm. While there were video games and other tech advances, most of the toys were manual and promoted creative play for children.

  5. Shopping was Less Stressful
    Long before internet shopping made Christmas shopping easier than ever, people actually had to leave their homes to buy presents. That meant heading to the local mall or shopping district, where the Christmas decorations were up and the jingling of carols was heard throughout the shops. You’d hunker down with the crowds and fight your way through the racks until you found the perfect gift – much less stressful than the online shopping experience of today.

  6. Food was Delicious
    Christmas dinner in the 80s was a labor of love. It was a time to pull out the tried and true family recipes, grab the fanciest china, and enjoy the food of the season. Dishes like roast turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and everyone’s favorite – green-bean casserole – were served with homemade stuffing and gravy. And, of course, no 80s holiday meal was complete without individual mounds of cranberry sauce – from the jiggly can.

  7. Neighbors Showed Compassion
    Neighborhoods in the 80s were often closer and friendlier than those of today, and it was a time when neighbors could rely on one another for support. During the Christmas season, people often helped one another out by buying gifts for each other and children could look forward to caroling around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. Even workplaces often got into the holiday spirit, with Secret Santa gift-giving and decorations taking over the office during the month of December.

The Christmas experience of the 1980s was much different from what we experience these days. It was a time when decorations were hung by hand, each decoration had personal meaning, and neighbors were ready to lend a helping hand. Technology didn’t take over the joy of the holidays. Instead, traditions were more important than ever. Even though times have changed, these memories are a reminder of the meaning of Christmas in our hearts.