Throughout his illustrious career, Clint Eastwood has often resisted speaking about his personal life, especially when it comes to his eight children. Not only has he had a successful career as an actor and director, but he has also become a father to eight wildly independent and talented children. Each one of them accomplished something great in their own rights, from modeling to music to movie making and more. As Clint Eastwood’s children carry on in their own rights, it is fascinating to look back and admire how far each of them have grown.

Early life
Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco in 1930. Growing up, he found himself gravitating towards music and sports and attended college at Los Angeles City College. During his college studies, he met Maggie Johnson and although the two had a tumultuous relationship, they ended up getting married in 1953. In 1966, the couple adopted their first of eight children, Kyle Eastwood, who was eight and a half when adopted. Four years later, the couple divorced and Eastwood married his second wife, Dina Ruiz, in 1996.

Kimber Eastwood
Kimber Lynn Eastwood was the first of two children born between Eastwood and Johnson. She was born in the same year that Eastwood married Johnson and she initially attended USC and completed a degree in political science. She went on to become a successful makeup artist during her adult life and began working on film sets with her father and brothers.

Alison Eastwood
Alison Eastwood was born during her father and Johnson’s tumultuous marriage, but despite the conflict, Eastwood and Johnson chose to raise Alison together. She too attended USC and received a degree in film and television production. Alison then decided to pursue a career in modeling and appeared in national campaigns for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Old Navy. While still working in the fashion and modeling industry, Alison has branched out and starting working as a director, producer, and writer, and has even created her own production company.

Scott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood is the eighth and most famous of Eastwood’s children. He grew up around the film industry and attended University of California-Fresno before chasing his dream of becoming an actor. His career skyrocketed when he became the face of an international campaign for Hilfiger, which led to his first major movie debut in his father’s film, Gran Torino. Since then, Scott has gone on to be in various film and television projects such as The Fate of the Furious and Longest Ride. In addition, he is an entrepreneur and collaborates with various brands, has appeared on the cover of GQ magazine, and has modeled for the fragrance Hugo Boss.

Kathryn Eastwood
Kathryn is Eastwood and Johnson’s youngest daughter and the only of their children that did not go to college. She pursued her modeling career shortly after graduating high school and began working with various designers and brands, and appearing in various magazines. Aside from modeling, she also owns a clothing shop and a boutique in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Francesca Eastwood
Francesca, the third daughter of Eastwood and Johnson, was the most controversial of Eastwood’s children; she often found herself in the headlines for her rebellious behavior and poor choices. She launched her own acting career at a young age, appearing in her first role in the film Trouble with the Curve alongside her father. She has also appeared in reality television shows such as Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which showcased her family’s lives, and she currently works as a jewelry designer.

Kyle Eastwood
Kyle is Eastwood’s oldest child and was adopted from Johnson when he was eight and a half. He followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in music and has recorded several jazz albums and written soundtracks for his father’s films; at times he has also toured as a musician.

Laurie Murray Eastwood
Murray is Eastwood’s only daughter from his marriage with Dina Ruiz whom he adopted at the age of sixteen. Dina was already an accomplished photographer and model by the time she married Eastwood. She has gone on to become an actress and appeared in several television series, including the hit show Dexter, and directed her own film titled Battle Scars, which she wrote and starred in.

Morgan Eastwood
Morgan is Eastwood and Ruiz’s first and only biological daughter, born in 1996. She was raised primarily by her mother as Eastwood and Ruiz divorced when she was young. She has become an acclaimed photographer and appeared in various magazines; she has also started a line of organic skincare products, Soaptopia, which she is passionate about and donates a percentage of profits to charitable organizations.

Clint Eastwood’s All-Star Kids
World-renown actor, director, and producer Clint Eastwood surely has reason to be proud of his eight children. Throughout his own career, he admitted that he often resisted talking about his children, yet that has not limited their own successes. Each of them has branched out and made a name for themselves in their own rights. Kyle, Kimber, Alison, and Kathryn share acting careers, Scott and Francesca model and act, Laurie Murray is an actress and director, and Morgan created her own line of organic products. Ultimately, it appears that each of Eastwood’s mottos has had an effect on his kids: work hard, stay out of trouble and make your own way in the world.