Are you curious to know what Kirk Cameron and his family look like today? As one of the most well-known child stars to transition into adulthood in Hollywood, Kirk’s family of 8 children has been in the spotlight for years. Let’s take a look at this large, remarkable family and see what they’ve been up to in recent years.

Who Are the 8 Cameron Children?

The Cameron family consists of husband and wife, Kirk and Chelsea Cameron, plus their eight children. Here they are in birth order:

  1. Jack Cameron – 29 years old
  2. Isabella Cameron – 26 years old
  3. Luke Cameron – 24 years old
  4. Olivia Cameron – 22 years old
  5. James Cameron – 20 years old
  6. Anna Cameron – 17 years old
  7. Molli Cameron – 15 years old
  8. Kane Cameron – 11 years old

Kirk and Chelsea Cameron have been married for 28 years, with Chelsea being the director of the Cameron household. Over the years, the Camerons have taken a strong stance on their values, with the children being homeschooled and the family avoiding modern technology.

Kirk Cameron, Former Child Star

Kirk Thomas Cameron was born on October 12th, 1970, in California and began his acting career at the age of nine. He rose to fame following his role in TV series, Growing Pains, which aired from 1985 to 1991. After the show ended, Kirk continued to pursue roles in select movies and TV shows, while devoting most of his life to his family and faith.

His biggest role following the show is his role as a dad, as the family of 8 are devout Christians and practice a lifestyle close to nature. The family of 8 often go camping, exploring, or having bonfires outside their home in California.

What Are the Cameron Kids Up To?

Since the oldest Cameron child, Jack, is currently 29 years of age, the kids are all grown up and living their adult lives.

The oldest child, Jack Cameron, has been able to distant himself from his father’s celebrity, remaining low key while pursuing a career in the financial services sector.

The second oldest, Isabella, graduated NYU in 2016 and is currently working as an EMT in California. Luke, the third oldest, is currently married and has two children of his own.

The fourth oldest, Olivia, graduated high school and is currently studying at the University of California and soon-to-be married. After Olivia comes James and he currently works at a car dealership. James has no desire to be in the spotlight and prefers to remain away from television and movies.

The youngest of the older group, Anna and Molli, are currently focussed on their studies and other activities. Anna played piano and was involved in support groups for homeschoolers. Molli is involved in traditional sports, such as soccer and softball, as well as modern sports, like ice skating.

The youngest of the Cameron crew is 11 year-old Kane, who, like his older siblings, is dedicated to his studies and is involved in a range of activities, such as playing the bass guitar and skateboarding.

The Camerons: Family Life Now

The Camerons are still a very close-knit family, with Kirk and Chelsea still firmly dedicated to the values they share with their children. Because of their strong stance on modern technology, the Cameron family lives a much quieter life away from the public eye.

Kirk and Chelsea Cameron still continue to practice homeschooling and regularly go on vacation to various destinations. Recent pictures of the entire family show they enjoy vacations to the beach and picnics at near-by parks.

Although Kirk is still involved in various acting roles, he mostly appears in religious-themed films and television programs.

The Camerons Today

Although their older siblings have flown the nest, the Camerons are still a strong and bonded family. Both Kirk and Chelsea remain dedicated to their faith and are determined to teach their children about its importance.

Pictures of the family show that the Camerons are still quite active and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, beach trips, and sports games.Pictures of the entire Cameron family together are still somewhat scarce, but what has become evident over time is that the Camerons remain a close and supportive family with strong religious values.

No matter what life’s path brings their way, it is safe to say that the Cameron family of 8 will remain inseparable for many years to come.