Sex is often a source of pleasure, but having an arsenal of good sex positions in your pocket can make it even better. Knowing which sex positions women prefer and which they would like to try is key to having a successful night in the bedroom. Here is a guide on sex positions for women: what she wants you to try tonight.

Why Learn About Different Sex Positions?

When engaging in intimate activities, learning different sex positions is an important part of pleasing your partner. Knowing what turns your partner on will allow you to provide the ultimate satisfaction. You can also discover some incredible new pleasures with different sex positions.

Knowing what your partner prefers is also key to avoiding injury during sex. To avoid pain, couples need to choose positions that feel comfortable.

What Women Love – The Top 5 Sex Positions

Every woman’s preferences are different when it comes to sex, but here are five sex positions popular with most women.

  1. Missionary

Missionary is a classic sex position which is great for intimate moments. This position is comfortable and allows for plenty of skin-to-skin contact.

  1. Doggy style

Doggy style is another popular position. This position allows for deep penetration and can be incredibly stimulating.

  1. Cowgirl

In the the cowgirl sex position, the woman is in control. She can control the speed and angle of penetration, making it an exciting position for both partners.

  1. Spooning

Spooning is a great position for those who prefer more slow and sensual sex. This position is comfortable, intimate and allows for plenty of touching.

  1. The butterfly

The butterfly sex position requires a bit of flexibility, but is well worth the effort. This position can be incredibly stimulating for both partners and can provide a new level of pleasure.

Advanced Sex Positions for Women to Experiment and Try

If you’re looking for something different and exciting, here are some advanced sex positions for women to experiment and try.

  1. The leapfrog

The leapfrog sex position puts an interesting spin on doggy-style. This position allows for increased stimulation of the g-spot, making it an incredibly pleasurable experience.

  1. Standing up

Most sex positions take place in the bed, but standing up sex can be incredibly hot. This position allows for deep penetration and can be great for women who enjoy the sensation.

  1. Elevated missionary

The elevated missionary is an exciting variation of a classic sex position. Placing a pillow under the woman’s butt can increase stimulation and can make this position even more enjoyable.

  1. The anal angle

The anal angle is a challenging position, which allows for deep penetration. The angle of penetration can lead to intense pleasure and intense orgasms.

  1. X marks the spot

X marks the spot is a great position for couples who are looking for something different. This position requires a bit of flexibility, but can be incredibly stimulating for both partners.

Tips to Make Sex Even Better

If you want to make sex even better, there are some simple tips you can use.

  1. Talk about it

Talk about the kind of sex you both would like to have. Communication is key to having a great sex life and is essential for pleasure.

  1. Use lube

Using a good quality lube can make sex far more pleasant and can reduce the risk of pain.

  1. Vary up the positions

Mixing up the sex positions you use is important to ensure you and your partner remain satisfied.

  1. Set the mood

Creating the right ambience can be beneficial to the pleasure of both partners. Setting the mood with candles, soft music and scented oils can make sex stimulating and more enjoyable.

  1. Explore each other’s bodies

Spending time exploring each other’s bodies and engaging in foreplay before sex can make the experience far more pleasurable. Exploring each other’s bodies also allows you to discover new and exciting erogenous zones which can be very pleasurable.

Sex positions can be incredibly satisfying and pleasurable. Understanding which positions a woman prefers is essential to having a great night in the bedroom. Knowing which sex positions women prefer and which they would like to try will help ensure you are providing the ultimate satisfaction. Talk to your partner about their preferences and take the time to experiment and explore new positions to ensure you’re both happy.