Curb appeal is a valuable asset to any home, increasing the overall value as well as improving the impressions potential buyers may have when viewing a property. Enhancing the curb appeal of a home is a relatively simple and cost-effective undertaking that can offer a great return on your investment. Here are a few simple and effective tips to help you boost your home’s curb appeal.

Clean Up the Yards
The first step of boosting curb appeal should always start with a good, thorough clean-up of the yard. This can involve mowing, weeding, edging, and trimming overgrown areas. Don’t have time in the day? Call in the professionals lawn care service to get your home looking its best in no time. For a bit of extra curb appeal, add some colorful flower pots or garden ornaments to the yard.

Refresh the Front Door and Porch
The front door and porch area of the home can have a big impact on the overall curb appeal. Take some time to clean them up and make any necessary repairs that may be needed. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way in making these areas of the home look inviting, and replacing any worn out hardware, such as old door handles and hinges, will help complete the look. Completing the look with some furniture pieces and dried flowers, or plants in a colorful pot, will add some extra curb appeal.

Improve the Quality of Walkways
Walkways help to create a welcoming look to any home, so make sure that yours is looking its best. This could involve giving the existing walkway a good clean or replacing any cracked or broken tiles. If you have the budget for it, you could also consider installing a new walkway or paving stones for greater effect.

Improve Exterior Lighting
Lighting will become even more important at night, highlighting the front entrance and walkways and making the home look inviting even in the dark. Consider adding some exterior lighting around the walkway and driveway and install motion-sensor spot lights to light up the entranceway. Completing the look with hanging lights around the porch and an ornamental light by the front door will also add to the overall curb appeal.

Window Boxes
Adding window boxes to the windows of the home adds a nice finishing touch to the overall look. These can be made from wood, tin, or plastic depending on your preference. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, and can be filled with colorful flowers or plants to add a touch of color and texture to your home’s exterior.

Add Vibrant Colors
Bring life to the exterior of your home by adding some vibrance to the color scheme. Whether it’s painting the entrance with a bright color or adding some colorful potted plants and flowers, a bit of color can really add to the overall exterior look of your home.

Create an Entryway Garden
Having an entryway garden is a great way to welcome visitors to your home and to really boost your home’s curb appeal. Include some pops of color through the use of colorful flowers and plants in pots, and make sure the entryway looks well-maintained with a simple landscape design.

Install Window Wreaths
A wreath made of natural materials, such as dried flowers, branches, and foliage, can add a beautiful and inviting look to the outside of your home. Choose a wreath that complements the existing color scheme of the home, but make sure to change it up as the seasons go by to keep it looking inviting throughout the year.

Upgrade the Roof
While this is the more expensive route, a new roof can have an incredibly dramatic and lasting effect on the overall look of the exterior of a home. Choose a roofing material that matches the aesthetic of the home and your budget to ensure that you get the look you are after.

Fix the Driveway or Pathway
Increasing the curb appeal of your home goes beyond just the yard – driveways and pathways can play an important role as well. Consider resurfacing a driveway or pathway with decorative stones or tiles to give it a more attractive, modern look.

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is a relatively simple and cost-effective endeavor which could offer great return on the investment. There are lots of things you can do that don’t require a major renovation budget, from cleaning up and refreshing the yards, to painting the front door and installing window boxes. By following the above tips and using your own creativity, you’re sure to add a unique and inviting aesthetic to the exterior of your home.