It’s your birthday and you are getting ready to enjoy the day. But instead of simply enjoying the attention that you receive from your friends and family, why not take advantage of the amazing birthday freebies that certain stores are offering? That’s right, some stores are so eager to help you celebrate your special day, they are willing to give you free stuff, and it may be more than you expect. Read on to find out which stores will give you free stuff on your birthday.

The Ins and Outs of Birthday Freebies

Depending on the store, birthday freebies can either be part of a store’s loyalty or rewards program, or they can be seasonal offers. The best way to find out what type of birthday freebies are available is to either talk to the store employees or check the store’s website. Most stores have a page that lists their loyalty and rewards programs, which is where birthday freebies can usually be found.

Types of Freebies You Can Get

If you are wondering what types of freebies you can get from different stores on your birthday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. From appetizers to desserts, drinks to clothing, there is a wide variety of things that stores are willing to offer you as a birthday freebie. Here are some examples of the kinds of birthday freebies that you can take advantage of:

Food and Beverage Freebies

• Marie Callender’s: Free appetizer when you purchase an entree
• Denny’s: Free Grand Slam Breakfast when you show a valid ID
• Starbucks: Buy one, get one free espresso beverages
• Dunkin’ Donuts: Free donut when you purchase a medium or large beverage
• California Pizza Kitchen: Free dessert when you purchase an entree

Clothing and Accessories Freebies

• Forever 21: $15 off your purchase
• American Eagle: 15% off your purchase
• Lids: 10% off your purchase
• Macy’s: 20% off your purchase
• Finish Line: 25% off your purchase

Beauty and Cosmetics Freebies

• ULTA: Free deluxe beauty product with any purchase
• Sephora: Free makeup bag and deluxe samples with a $25 purchase
• Advantage Beauty: Free makeup touch up
• Kiehl’s: Free lip balm and night cream with any purchase

Other Birthday Freebies

• Cinemark: Buy one ticket, get one ticket free
• AMC Theatres: Free large popcorn
• Dave & Buster’s: Free $10 game card when you purchase a $10 game card
• Barnes & Noble: 10% off your entire purchase

Tips and Tricks for Claiming Your Freebies

Now that you know where to find free stuff on your birthday, here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most freebies out of your special day:

• Sign up for the store’s loyalty program ahead of time. Doing this ensures that you’ll get your birthday freebie, and it also ensures that the store has your contact info so that they can send you reminders and other promotions.
• Tell your friends and family about the birthday freebies. Invite them to share in the fun by having a birthday outing where you can take advantage of the freebies.
• Take advantage of any special offers that might be available. Some stores offer additional discounts or freebies on your birthday if you purchase a certain amount or spend a certain amount of money.
• Ask store employees what type of birthday freebies they’re offering. Many stores advertise their freebie offers on their website or in store, but don’t assume that those are the only freebies available. It’s always best to ask the store employees if they have anything else they can offer.

Now that you know where to look to get the most out of your birthday and its freebies, you can make your special day even more special. So take advantage of the great birthday freebies that these stores have to offer and have a happy and memorable birthday!