As anyone born after the turn-of-the-millennium knows, Millennials or Generation Y are known for their views on the world, lifestyle choices, digital pursuits, and even their use of language. We’ve put together a list of some of the most common things you would only hear millennials saying.

1.“I can’t find it on YouTube.”
Every millennial has used YouTube for something at some point, whether to watch their favorite show, find a recipe, or teach themselves a new skill from a tutorial video. So, when you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s only natural to exclaim “I can’t find it on YouTube!”

2.“I need an Instagram caption.”
Millennials are very particular about the photos they post to their Instagram account. Even more so than the photo itself, the caption is equally as important. If a Millennial can’t think of the right thing to write to accompany their photo, you may hear them say something like “I need an Instagram caption.”

3.“I’m living my best life.”
This phrase is popular among millennials especially when they’re doing something they’re really enjoying, or going somewhere they really want to be. You might hear them saying something like, “I’m living my best life” when they’re posting an Instagram snap of their latest adventure.

4.“Have you listened to that new playlist on Spotify?”
Spotify is the go-to music streaming service for millennials. They know the playlists like the back of their hand and when a new one is added, you can bet that lips are flapping about it. If a millennial likes a particular playlist you might hear them saying something like, “Have you listened to that new playlist on Spotify?”

5.“They have an app for that.”
Millennials love their apps and if there is an app that can do a certain task quicker than a human, then you can bet that a millennial is all over it. You may hear them saying something like, “They have an app for that” to their friends when talking about their latest find on the app store.

6.“Check out my Snapchat story.”
Social media is a big part of millennial life and what better way to let your friends know what you’re doing than by using Snapchat. When a millennial wants to show off their adventures, they’ll often say something like “Check out my Snapchat story” as a way to keep their friends updated.

7.“That’s so millennial of you.”
This phrase is often uttered by other generations when they’re describing a behavior that only millennials would do. From drinking skinny lattes to taking selfies and getting tattoos, these are all things you may hear other generations say describe millennials.

Millennials have their own unique way of expressing themselves, no matter the situation. This list of 7 things only Millennials would say is a testament to that. From “I need an Instagram caption” to “That’s so millennial of you” these phrases are all indicative of a very modern way of living and thinking. So, the next time you hear someone say one of these things, you know it comes from a Millennial’s mouth.