Gathering friends together for a game night is always a fun way to bring some laughs and friendly competition. But, are you stuck on what to name your trivia team? Have you used your regular team name time and time again? If that’s the case, then it’s time to come up with something more creative for your upcoming game night! Here are some fun and catchy trivia team names for your next game night.

Categorized Names

Names Based on Fictional Characters

The Avengers
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Incredibles
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Stranger Things
The Guardians of the Galaxy
Yojimbo Wars
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
The Fellowship of the Quiz

Names Based on Movies and TV Shows
Friends Trivia
Game of Thrones Trivia
Golden Girls Trivia
The Voice Trivia
The Office Trivia
MAS*H Trivia
Seinfeld Trivia
How I Met Your Mother Trivia
Big Bang Theory Trivia
Friends Trivia

Names Based on Music
Queen Quizzers
Trivia Pop
Blue Notes
The Sexy Saxophones
Team Beat It
The Pop-Pickers
The Dance Divas
The Rockin’ Rhythm-makers
The Beat Boxers
The Hip Hop Heroes

Names Based on Locations
London Calling
Northern Lights
Quiz York
The Big Apple
California Dreamers
Las Vegas Lights
Key West Cruisers
Tiki Trivia Kings
Big Sky Trivia
Surf City

Pop Culture-Themed Names
Brews Brothers
Couch Potatoes
Quiztina Aguilera
Flip Flop Trivia
Hashtag Heroes
The Social Networkers
Blog Buddies
Level Up

Names Based On Pop Culture Icons
The Beyhive
The Queen Bs
Walking Deadheads
The Fab Four
The Dallas Cowboys
Logic League
Brad’s Angelinos
Adele’s Angels
Gaga Gang
Jeopardy Jennifers

Funny Trivia Team Names
Kim Quiz-dashian
The Quiz Game of Thrones
Walking Debt
Listless Fanatics
Zelda and Chill
The Final Questionnaires
The Scuttlebutts
Blind Leading the Blinds
The Soul Pansies
Einstein’s Aces

Creative and Out of the Box Names
The Quizard of Oz
Brain Freeze
The Champion Cherries
Global Brainiacs
Quiztopher Columbuses
The IncrediQuiz
Trivia Jockeys
The Quizticles
The ConQuesadillaz

Tips For Coming Up With Your Own Trivia Team Name

Think of a theme. A great trivia team name can turn a great trivia night into something truly memorable. Coming up with a theme for your team can help you come up with a great name. It can be based on your favorite film or TV show, a location, a music genre, or just about anything.

Consider alliteration. Alliteration can be a great way to make your trivia team name fun and catchy. Choose two words that begin with the same letter and put them together to make your team name funny yet memorable.

Play with words. Word play can be a great way to express fun, or get creative with your trivia team name. For example, use a pun or a play on words to create something unique and memorable.

Make it memorable. The best trivia team names are memorable, so make sure that whatever name you come up with is something you and your friends will remember, and other trivia teams will recognize.

Have Fun!

Choosing a great trivia team name for your next game night can be a great way to get the fun going and have an amazing time! Remember that a great trivia team name should be creative, memorable, and reflect your team. Have fun, and come up with some silly, creative, or clever names to remember your next game night!