When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone special, it can be difficult if the person you’re shopping for seems to have everything. Maybe they’re organized, chic and always up-to-date on the latest trends. Or they’re an experienced traveler and a global citizen, constantly discovering new and interesting experiences around the world. Perhaps they’re an avid gardener, a doting pet parent, a foodie, or a DIY enthusiast. It’s unlikely that such characters all have the same needs, but there are some essential gifting tips for finding something truly unique for the person who has everything.

Creative Ways to Shop for Unique Gifts

When shopping for unique gifts, the most important thing is to think outside of the box. Here are some creative ways to shop for unique gifts:

  1. Look for high-quality, unique products.

When shopping for unique gifts, opt for higher quality products that have thoughtful design and craftsmanship. Not only will the recipient appreciate the quality of the gift, but it will also be a great conversation starter. Think about what the recipient would love to keep in the home—an heirloom quality chess set, a luxury throw blanket, an enticing espresso maker, or an agate cheese board.

  1. Think personalized.

Personalized gifts show that you’ve taken the time to get to know the person you’re gifting, and it’s a great way to make something unique. From custom artwork to nameplate jewelry to handcrafted projects, there are lots of ways to personalize a gift.

  1. Check out local stores.

Many local stores offer one-of-a-kind finds. Look for vintage stores, art galleries, independent designers and craft boutiques to find something truly special. Local stores are often hidden gems, so if you’re stuck looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, this is a great option. Many of these stores offer online shopping too.

  1. Consider the experiences they’re passionate about.

One way to give a truly unique gift is to surprise your recipient with experiences geared towards their passions. Perhaps they’re an outdoor enthusiast so a night of glamping coupled with survival lessons may be perfect. Or, if they’re foodies, a class on mixology or dinner reservations to a special restaurant may be the ideal gift.

  1. Look for handmade items.

Thanks to online marketplaces like Etsy, finding unique handmade items is easier than ever. No matter the recipient’s interests, you’re sure to find something to make their day special. From handmade leather goods to custom artwork to spa care products, the options for a handmade gift are endless.

Unique Gifts for the Home

Home décor gifts are the perfect fit for someone who loves to fill their space with unique items.

Wall Art: Wall art is a great way to make a space look stylish and instantly bring life to any room. Whether it’s artwork, mirrors, photographs, or sculptures, your recipient will love how their space comes to life with something new.

Tabletop elements: Whether it’s a vase, fruit bowl, or a set of candleholders, tabletop elements make great gifts. Look for something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Books: A great book can make the perfect gift, especially if your recipient is an avid reader. Books can bring in lots of new experiences and insight to any home.

Unique Gifts for people who love to Travel

For the person who has traveled around the world and appreciates unique experiences, here are some suggestions for great travel gifts.

Personalized travel journals: A personalized travel journal is great for capturing memories and experiences on the go. It’s also a great way for your traveler to plan ahead for their next adventure.

Travel Gourmet Kit: A travel gourmet kit is perfect for a frequent traveler who loves exploring local cuisines. It includes all of the essentials, from spices and condiments to seasoning and utensils.

An antique map: An antique map adds a unique touch to any wall. It’s especially perfect if your recipient is a passionate traveler. They’ll be able to look back on their travels and also plan for future journeys.

Unique Gifts for Foodies

If your recipient is a foodie, these gifts are sure to please.

Chef knife: Every foodie needs a good knife set. Look for high-quality options that are designed with careful craftsmanship.

Cookware: Whether they’re a beginner or experienced cook, a good set of cookware can make a great gift. Look for high-end sets that are easy to maintain and have sleek designs.

Unique spices: Spices can make any meal come to life. Opt for unique, small-batch organic spices so your foodie can explore new flavors.

Unique Gifts for Pet Owners

Knowing the perfect gift for pet owners can be hard, but these unique gifts will put a smile on their face.

Custom pet accessories: You can never have too many pet accessories, whether it’s a stylish leash or a warm coat for fall and winter. Look for custom pet accessories that your furry friend can show off.

Pet subscription boxes: Pet subscription boxes are filled with all sorts of treats and toys to keep your pet entertained. Subscription boxes also help support local vendors and businesses.

Unique Gifts for Health Nuts

Healthy living gifts are always appreciated by those who are devoted to health and wellness.

Self-stretching mats: Self-stretching mats are the perfect addition to any home gym. Look for options that are eco-friendly, lightweight and durable.

Smart scales and nutrition trackers: Smart scales and nutrition trackers keep track of all your health metrics. They’re great for tracking weight loss, monitoring vital signs, and gaining insight into your diet.

Kitchen gadgets: Kitchen gadgets make food prep easier and more enjoyable. Look for innovative gadgets that save time and make eating a healthier experience.

Finding unique gifts for people who seem to have everything can take some creativity, but it’s worth it. Start by thinking outside of the box and opting for high-quality, personalized products. Consider their passions and hobbies, as well as their home décor aestetic. For travelers, look for customized items and experiences, while foodies will appreciate chef knives and spices. Pet owners, meanwhile, need plenty of accessories, while health-nuts will benefit from smart scales and nutrition trackers. No matter who you’re shopping for, these unique gifts will help you show your love and appreciation.