If you are a Scorpio, you’re probably quite aware of both your magnetic charm as well as your formidable and often intimidating reputation. Born between October 23rd and November 21st, this mysterious and deeply emotional sign is said to portray both powerful good traits and roiling bad ones. So, in order to discover what the astrologers have to say about the worst Scorpio traits, we take a closer look at seven of the most defining flaws that those born under the sign are known for.

  1. Moodiness

One of the main complaints that people have about Scorpios is the seemingly cyclical nature of their moods. As water signs, they are ruled by the ever-changing ebb and flow of emotion, and are continually changing as they adapt to their environments. Though this can make them very charismatic in the right kind of environment, it can unfortunately also make it hard for others to truly feel like they have a firm grasp on them.

  1. Difficulty Expressing Feelings

For Scorpios, their rich inner world can make them feel overwhelmed by emotion at times, but this often appears to other people as a lack of meaningful emotion. Though Scorpios may actually feel a profound connection to others, they can often be perceived as shut-off and difficult because of their reticence in expressing how they’re truly feeling. This lack of emotional expressiveness can make it difficult for others to make meaningful connections.

  1. Intensity

Scorpios are passionate individuals and the intensity with which they lead their lives can often be off-putting to other people. Everything in their lives — their moods, relationships, and decisions — is taken to the extreme and this can make it challenging for others to relate. This intense feeling can be both daunting as well as alienating, often leading to avoidance of Scorpios in social settings.

  1. Jealousy

Though inconstancy of mood is a common complaint, jealousy may be the most persistent. Whether it’s based in lack of trust or insecurity, a Scorpio can often be very possessive and overly-controlling with anyone they’re trying to “hold on to”. Their strong emotions can lead them to be suspicious of any connection that their partner might have with someone else, and this jealous overtone may cause trouble in even the most secure relationships.

  1. Controlling

Scorpios have a natural impulse to control their environment, and this can come off as domineering and sometimes oppressive to other people. Scorpios understand that life is full of change, but their controlling nature sometimes causes them to take control of a situation in a way that leaves others feeling suffocated. Though their intention may be to maintain a sense of calm and stability, their actions can often have the opposite effect.

  1. Judgmental

Scorpios are known for having a very keen eye and a tendency to analyze everyone and everything around them. Others may interpret this as a judgmental attitude, since it can seem as though Scorpios are constantly evaluating the people and things that are close to them. It can be especially difficult for Scorpios to look past the flaws of their loved ones and friends, and their judgmental nature can cause problems in relationships when it’s taken too far.

  1. Possessiveness

As previously mentioned, Scorpios tend to be very possessive and this can manifest in a variety of ways. Though often taking the form of jealousy as mentioned earlier, possessiveness can also manifest as extreme reluctance to move on from a past relationship, as well as an unwillingness to let others move in and out of their lives. Their strong sense of entitlement can make them very clingy, and can often be an indicator that their control issues are taking over.

Though Scorpios may be known for their charm and mysterious aura, it’s important to remember that they have flaws and weaknesses just like everybody else. With an awareness of these seven worst Scorpio traits — moodiness, difficulty expressing feelings, intensity, jealousy, controlling, judgmental and possessiveness — it can be even easier to recognize these traits and cultivate a connection based in understanding and compassion.