Many celebrity couples have defied all zodiac signs and dated happily in spite of their lack of compatibility. Though there may be a lack of astrological understanding, the couples thoroughly enjoy each other company and seem to not letting the stars interfere in their relationship.

People often look to the astrological zodiac signs to determine if two people have compatible personalities and energies. Compatibility between two people’s birth month will determine a great deal about how successful their relationship can be and if they’re truly compatible. It’s no surprise that some of Hollywood’s most popular couples have quite the mismatch in zodiac signs.

Understanding the compatibility factor

The twelve zodiac signs can be divided into three categories: fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), and water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Comparing two zodiac signs, fire and water and earth and air, allows us to see how two sign may match based on different criterias.

Fire signs, being quite personal and creative, often need acceptance from water and air sign to be able to express themselves freely. Earth and air sign are to provide that balance that fire and water need to be able to survive the rough days.

Different sign Match but Love

Despite a lack of compatibility, some celebrity couples have lasted more than we could have ever predicted. Take a look at these celebrity couples who have found love in spite of the seemingly incompatible signs:

• Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim: Nicolas and Alice met when she was a waitress at a sushi restaurant in 2004; and despite their 12-year age gap, both continue to be madly in love. Nicolas was born on January 7th, a Capricorn in the zodiac, while Alice was born on October 6th, a Libra.

• Madonna and Ahlamalik Williams: The singer has been proudly dating 25-year-old Ahlamalik since 2019. Madonna is a Libra, where as Ahlamalik is an Aquarius – a sign that is usually drawn to a more independent person, meanwhile Libra thrives on waiting for approval, especially in matters of love.

• Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing: Elizabeth and Steve managed to keep their relationship strong despite their star signs. Elizabeth is a Cancer, while Steve is a Sagittarius; understanding their relationship seems like a tricky, especially since cancers are hesitant to dive into relationships head first and Sagittarian’s are often looking for excitement and looking for romance outside of their relationship.

Keeping the Magic Alive

Despite the odds that may come with a zodiac sign mismatch, it is possible for couples to find long-term happiness by learning to accept each other’s differences. Each sign has different qualities and to make a relationship work, it’s important to find the balance between both of your zodiac signs.

Couples that have incompatible sun sign should look for their moon sign and Venus sign for extra information when trying to analyze compatibility. Ultimately, communication and understanding your partner’s needs are more important than anything else.

There is no formula to making a relationship work, regardless of the level of compatibility between two people. If celebrities can power through and make their relationship work, then so can you. Love is all that matters, and you don’t have to let the universe stop you from finding it.