Gone are the days when playing video games simply meant passing the time or being entertained. Now, gaming has become a truly intense experience. Over the years, creative and talented developers have gone all out to provide an extraordinary gaming experience for fans of horror, suspense and mystery. From frightening graphics and chilling soundtracks, to interactive storylines and immersive gameplay, these 30 addictively scary games that will give you chills will take your gaming experience up a notch.

What Makes These Games So Scary?
There are several factors that play into making games spooky and scary. One of the most obvious factors is the atmosphere it is set in. If the environment is dismal and eerie, it can help create a sense of dread and fear that will put gamers on the edge of their seats. Another factor is the audio and visual elements. Horrifying soundtracks, dark and intimidating graphics and sudden jump scares can also assist in creating a frightening immersive experience. And of course, there’s the story and narrative, which often contains a unique and mysterious plot that can have you at the edge of your seat.

  1. Resident Evil 2
    Considered to be one of the scariest horror games ever, Resident Evil 2 is an obvious must-play for those with a love for horror. In this game, you’ll encounter zombies, monsters and chilling secrets. But can you make it out alive? The atmosphere in this game is very eerie and the puzzles that you must solve will have you scratching your head for days.

  2. Silent Hill
    You’ll need to find strength that you never knew you had when you play through this classic horror title. It can get pretty intense when you’re trying to escape the terror that lurks in the towns of Silent Hill. It’s important to keep an eye out while you explore the dark environments, or else you may be caught off guard.

  3. The Last of Us
    This was considered to be on of the best games to come out in 2013 and the fear factor behind it is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. In this post-apocalyptic world, players must strive to survive the terrifying environment as it takes many forms, from human bandits terrorizing the player to flesh-eating monsters that lurk in the shadows.

  4. Dead Space
    The setting of this 2008 game is a space station orbiting around a dark and mysterious planet making it one of the creepiest games to play. The game possesses very advancing horror elements, from the sound effects to the creepy visuals, it will leave you with nightmares for days.

  5. Five Nights at Freddy’s Series
    This 4-part series of horror games features jump scares galore. You’ll need to use both your wits and reflexes to survive the night shifts at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria. It’s important to pay attention to your security cameras and monitor the activities in the higher-difficulty levels as it can get extremely intense.

  6. The Evil Within
    This game is a mixture of horror and adventure which follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos during his investigation of a mass murder which turns out to be supernatural. This game is filled with monsters, puzzles, and jump scares like any other horror game, but what makes it stand out is suspenseful gameplay and unpredictable plot twists.

  7. Illusions of Gordon
    This game is unlike any other horror game you’ve played before. Instead of jump scares, Illusions of Gordon combines horror with puzzles and gives the player an immersive experience. In the game, you play as a little girl on a quest to save her father, who has to navigate various terrifying traps and spooky environments to complete his mission.

  8. Outlast
    In this horror game, you are placed in an abandoned mental hospital. Your mission is to learn the secrets of the hospital and also survive the night as the hospital is filled with many gruesome enemies. You have to sneak around without being seen or heard else the consequences may be dire.

  9. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    This horror game is an oldie but a goodie and still manages to spook gamers to this day. The game combines exploration with puzzle-solving, and as the protagonist, you must navigate through a dark and creepy castle and also find out what caused the castle’s downfall.

  10. Alien: Isolation
    This game will take you to the outer limits of horror and suspense with its incredible graphics. You’ll need to explore the room of a space station and solve puzzles in order to survive, all while trying to evade the hostile aliens that lurk in the shadows.

  11. Dead by Daylight
    This game is a mixture of horror and multiplayer, where you can either be chased by a brutal killer or you can be the killer itself. You must use your wits and strategies to survive the killer and outrun him, or else you may be the one being chased.

  12. Until Dawn
    If you’re a fan of horror movies, you must give this game a try. It has an intense and thrilling storyline, complete with choices and consequences, with possible outcomes determined by each decision you make.

  13. SOMA
    Prepare to immerse yourself in a science fiction horror. In this game, you come across a malicious artificial intelligence and must explore a variety of eerie environments to uncover the secrets of the strange facility.

  14. SAW
    This horror game features dark puzzles that can really give you the chills. If you’re a fan of the movie series, you’ll love the game, as it follows the same grotesque gory storyline.

  15. Lone Survivor
    This psychological horror takes place after a deadly pandemic that has turned the world upside down. This game has a unique and mysterious atmosphere, featuring an interactive storyline and complex puzzles.

  16. Puppet Show Souls of the Innocent
    Rather than brutal and intense horror, this puzzle game features a more subtle and creepy atmosphere. It follows the story of a girl whose brother has gone missing, and you must solve a variety of puzzles to find the truth.

  17. Condemned: Criminal Origins
    In this game, you must investigate a murder and interrogate suspects. It has a horror element, with suspenseful gameplay and intense visuals that can get quite frightening.

  18. Penumbra: Black Plague
    This game may be old but it still stands up today. It combines horror with puzzles as you search for a cure for a mysterious virus. The game has a strange atmosphere, with a mysterious and intriguing story that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

  19. Trine 2
    This game is a unique mix of puzzle-solving and horror. You must traverse a variety of environments while trying to avoid death and monsters at the same time.

  20. DARK
    Unlike most horror titles, this game places you in the shoes of a Night Hunter, who must feast on his prey’s blood to survive. You must use your vampire abilities to your advantage and stay alive throughout the game.

  21. The Suffering
    This game puts you in the shoes of Torque as he serves his sentence in a prison. In his journey, he faces many monsters and creatures that will try to stop him from escaping alive.

  22. Deadly Premonition
    This game has an off-the-wall setting and atmosphere. You’re placed in the small town of Greenvale, where you must investigate a series of gruesome murders. It has a weird and eerie atmosphere and the game’s offbeat storyline will keep you hooked till the end.

  23. System Shock 2
    This game brings together sci-fi and horror to provide a unique gaming experience. You’re thrown into a destroyed spacecraft and must find a way to survive and also get to the bottom of the strange occurrences taking place on the ship.

  24. Observer
    This thriller horror cum cyberpunk game places you in an oppressive environment and you must uncover the secrets of your enigmatic reality. The game has a very eerie and dark atmosphere and the sound effects used can be really terrifying.

  25. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
    This game definitely has a campy vibe to it and doesn’t really fit in with the traditional horror games. You have to explore various levels and also save your neighbors from the zombie onslaught.

  26. Until I Have You
    This unique horror game has a strange and offbeat atmosphere to it. You play as a mysterious figure who is guided by a voice in his head. It has a creepy story and visuals that will make you want to keep playing until you finish the game.

  27. Parasite Eve
    Set in New York City, this game has a post-apocalyptic vibe to it. You play as an NYPD officer and must save the citizens from a strange bacterial mutation. The game is a mix of horror and adventure and has chilling soundtracks and visuals.

  28. Alan Wake
    This horror-adventure game throws you into a town where people are mysteriously vanishing. You have to explore the town and attempt to solve the mystery, while running away from the dark creatures and forces that lurk in the night.

  29. Haunting Ground
    This horror game takes place in a mysterious villa and you play as Fiona Belli, a young woman who is looking for a way to escape. She must encounter various monsters and dangers in the