Humor can lift the spirits on any day of the week, but there is something extra special about Wednesday. Those who dislike being confined to the same weekday routine can enjoy a bit of comic relief in the form of Hump Day memes. They share a laugh at the fact that Wednesday always feels like it should be further along in the week than it is. From amusing captions to hyperbolic visuals, these memes shine a light on the tediousness of the mid-week doldrums. Here are a few of the funniest hump day memes to get you through the week.

What is a Hump Day Meme?

A Hump Day meme is typically a humorous picture, video, or GIF shared on social media to celebrate the fact that it’s Wednesday. Wednesdays often come with a sense of dread for those who dread being back at work or school. Hump Day memes give us a sense of relief that it’s already the halfway point of the week. A lot of the memes focus on animals, typically featuring camels such as humpback camels, turtles, snails, and other slow-moving creatures. They usually feature funny captions or characters, such as a camel riding a bicycle proclaiming, “It’s Wednesday!”

Popular Hump Day Memes

There are a variety of popular hump day memes out there. Here are some of the most famous:

• Camel Memes – One of the most popular images shared on hump day has to be the infamous humpback camel meme. They typically feature a camel with the phrase “It’s Hump Day!” or some other funny caption.

• “Woot Woot!” Memes – Another classic hump day meme is of animals jumping for joy and exclaiming “woot woot!” at the thought of it being Wednesday. This type of meme is often accompanied by an exuberance of color and a lot of energy.

• Turtle or Snail Memes – Those who prefer a more low key approach to celebrating Hump Day often opt for a turtle or a snail meme. These memes typically feature an adorable animal slowly crossing the finish line of the week, sometimes with the phrase “hump day sprint” written across them.

• “Me on a Wednesday” Memes – Mean girls memes have been popular in the past, but they’ve now been reincarnated as “Me on a Wednesday” memes. These usually feature an animated character or celebrity feeling defeated or demoralized by the mid-week shift.

Creating Your Own Hump Day Memes

Tired of relying on others to make your Hump Day memes? Why not use an online meme maker to build your own! It’s easier than you think and can be a lot of fun. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

• Gather Your Materials – Start by sourcing the image or GIF that you want to use in your meme. You can use royalty-free photos or GIFs that you find online.

• Determine Your Caption – Before you can create the meme, you’ll need to choose the text to accompany your image. What funny phrase do you have in mind that would best fit?

• Use an Online Meme Maker – Once you have your materials, you’ll need to use an online meme maker to create the finished product. There are a variety of different meme makers that you can use for free.

• Share Your Creation – After you’ve created the meme, you’re ready to share it with the world. Upload it to social media and hashtag it with #humpday so that your fellow hump day-ers can enjoy it.

Benefits of Hump Day Memes

Hump Day memes aren’t just funny — they’re also beneficial for our mental health. Celebrating the half way point of the week by sharing a lighthearted meme can provide us with a much-needed boost of positivity. They can also act as a reminder to take a moment and appreciate the small victories that come with making it to the halfway point. Not only that, but they can help us to stay connected with friends and family as we share funny memes with each other.

Hump Day memes bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “the struggle is real.” From camels to turtles, and “Me on a Wednesday” memes, they are the perfect way to bring a bit of comedy to the daily grind. Whether it’s making your own meme or checking out the best of what’s already out there, Hump Day memes can help you get through the week.