We all love to read about the weird, wild, and wacky facts of this world. It is amazing to discover the unusual things out there, that we never knew existed. So if you’re ready to have your mind blown, here are some of the weirdest facts you won’t believe are true.

Odd Facts About Animals

Let’s start off with some of the craziest animal facts out there.

  1. Penguins Can’t Fly – Believe it or not, penguins’ wings can’t be used for flight. Instead, they use them as flippers to swim underwater.

  2. Longest Recorded Flight of a Chicken – A chicken named Mike the Headless Chicken lived in the 1940s and managed to live for two years without a head.

  3. Smallest Known Insect – The smallest known insect is the fairyfly, measuring only 0.139 mm long.

  4. A Tiger’s Stripes are Unique – Each tiger has its own unique set of stripes, just like a fingerprint.

  5. Humans Have More Bacteria Cells than Human Cells – Humans have ten times more bacteria cells in their bodies than human cells.

Facts About Space and Nature

Spare and nature have a lot of oddities to offer. Here are just some of the amazing facts about them.

  1. The Total Weight of All Ants in the World – The total weight of all ants in the world is about the same as the total weight of all humans in the world.

  2. Venus is the Hottest Planet – While Mercury is closer to the Sun, Venus is actually the hottest planet in our Solar System with surface temperatures reaching over 900 degrees F.

  3. The Oldest Animal in the World – The oldest living animal in the world is a mollusk that lived for 507 years.

  4. Mars Has an Ocean – Scientists believe Mars was once an ocean-covered planet.

  5. The Earth Has Two Moons – Even though there is one visible moon, the Earth technically has two moons, known as “The Earth’s Trojan Moons”.

Outrageous Facts About Human Body and Mind

Now we’ll take a look at some of the most outrageous facts about our human body and mind.

  1. Humans Inhale and Exhale About 10,000 Liters of Air Each Day – An adult human will inhale and exhale about 10,000 liters of air each day.

  2. The Pain of Laughter and Tears is the Same – The facial muscles used to express both laughter and sadness are the same, meaning that the pain of laughter and tears is actually the same.

  3. Pooping Burns about 50 Calories – Believe it or not, the average act of pooping actually burns about 50 calories.

  4. Kids Have More Taste Buds Than adults – Kids have up to 10,000 taste buds in their mouths, while adults only have about 5,000.

  5. Mental Stimulation Can Increase Life Span – Mental stimulation, such as puzzles or Sudoku, can have a positive effect on duration of life.

Unbelievable Facts About Technology

Technology is a big part of our lives, and here are some of the unbelievable facts about it.

  1. Largest Spacecraft Ever – The largest space vehicle ever built is the International Space Station, which weighs almost a million pounds.

  2. Bulk of Spam is Human Generated – Believe it or not, the majority of spam is actually generated by humans.

  3. The First Computer Program – The first computer program was written by Ada Lovelace in 1843.

  4. Tesla Had a Predictive Algorithm – Tesla’s autopilot feature uses a predictive algorithm to anticipate events and adjust its approach accordingly.

  5. Mobile Phone Everywhere – It is estimated that there will be 8.4 billion cellular subscriptions by 2020.

Crazy Facts Around the World

Here are some strange practices happening around the world.

  1. Telluride, Colorado is Buried in a Store – Telluride, Colorado is actually buried in a store, where it has been since its founding in 1878.

  2. Eating Competition Rules in the Philippines – In an eating competition in the Philippines, the winner must consume one kilogram of rice with an egg in three minutes or less.

  3. Spitting is Considered Good Luck in Greece – In Greece, it is believed spitting can bring good luck, so people often spit on babies to bring them luck.

  4. Bolivia Celebrates Death – Bolivia celebrates a festival of death, called Fiesta de Las Animas, where people honor the deceased with feasting and dancing.

  5. A Jewish Wedding Involves Shoe Tradition – In Jewish weddings, the bride and groom swap shoes, which signifies the bride’s transfer of rights to her husband.

There is no shortage of weird and wonderful facts out there. From strange animal traits to outrageous technology facts, we’re sure there’s something you never knew before. If you’re ever in need of an interesting conversation topic, these weird facts that you won’t believe are true are sure to do the trick.