The ’90s are known as the decade of Y2K, Tamagotchis, and most importantly nostalgia. Across the world, people of all ages and all walks of life fondly remember the days of their youth, when the ’90s brought about a unique and exciting culture all its own. Whether it was music, fashion, or even stores, there was something for everyone.

But as time goes on, all of this nostalgia fades into memory, as everything from the ’90s disappears into the distance. One of the most iconic elements from that era was the boutiques and retail stores, many of which no longer exist in our modern world. Let’s take a look back to remember the beloved ’90s stores that no longer exist.

Popular Stores of the ’90s

When it comes to the ’90s, there is a broad range of stores that are remembered fondly. From the iconic London Fog to the sports-focused Foot Locker, there was something for everyone in the ’90s. Here’s a look at some of the most popular and beloved stores.

• F. W. Woolworth Co.: There was no store more iconic than this granddaddy of stores, which was known for its five-and-dime variety of goods. Although it is long gone, Woolworths still has a large influence in the retail industry.

• The Disney Store: Any kid from the ’90s remembers Disney Store being one of the most popular destinations for toys, games, and so much more. The store was even known for its immersive experience, where guests felt as though they had stepped into a Disney movie.

• Spencer’s Gifts: This unique store was known for its strange and “edgy” products, from funny gifts to bongs and even outrageous costumes. Originally located in malls, Spencer’s Gifts became a shopping destination for the iconic ’90s teen.

• Build-A-Bear Workshop: This beloved store allowed kids and adults alike to create their own customized stuffed animal. Visitors could purchase a bear and begin the fun process of designing the perfect furry friend.

• Tower Records: Tower Records was a mainstay of yesteryear, as it sold CDs and cassettes of all the top music acts. The store was also known for its friendly staff and extensive selection of music, making it a haven for music fans.

• Sharper Image: People from the ’90s probably remember this store as the go-to destination for tech and gadgets. From remote-controlled cars to the popular Ionic Breeze air purifier, the Sharper Image had it all.

• LIDS: This store was dedicated to the world of sports, as it specialized in hats, apparel, and the like. During its heyday, Lids was the go-to store for any fan of sports or athletics.

Infamous Stores of the ’90s

Not all stores of the ’90s were beloved and well-known. While some of these shops had a strong fan base, others were notorious and even reviled by many. Here are a few of the most infamous ’90s stores.

• Lucky Old Crow Trading Post: This store was infamous for its slew of obnoxious gimmicks and bizarre advertisements, including a mascot of a blood-thirsty vulture. Despite its reviled status, the Lucky Old Crow Trading Post survived for quite some time.

• Dino World: Though you might not remember the store, chances are you’re familiar with this chain’s mascot—T-Rex. The store sold children’s toys, and though it was wildly successful for a time, it eventually fell out of popularity.

• Solo Music: This independent music shop was beloved by locals and nearby fans but was undeniably and embarrassing “cool” that it became a laughingstock. Though not around today, Solo Music’s memory will possibly live on forever.

• Fox & Fiddle: This chain of stores was known for its poor-quality products, ranging from fashion accessories to home decor. In its heyday, the Fox and Fiddle was a staple of every mall, though it is long gone now.

• G Street Fabrics: This small chain of stores was known for its raucous and over-the-top commercials, which portrayed the staff going wild over the selection of fabrics. Though its commercials were cringe-worthy, G Street Fabrics had a loyal following.

Modern Stores That Took Over the ’90s Marketplace

Though some of the ’90s stores are gone, other stores have taken their place in the marketplace. For example, Hot Topic has become the go-to destination for ’90s fashion and lifestyle products, while Target has become the mainstay for affordable groceries and home goods. Here are a few of the modern stores that have taken the ’90s marketplace.

• Forever 21: This store is beloved by young adults and teens alike and is the go-to destination for affordable, fashionable, and stylish clothes.

• TJ Maxx: This store was around during the ’90s, but it has become far more popular in recent years. Now, TJ Maxx is one of the most beloved stores for affordable, stylish clothing, home goods, and more.

• Old Navy: This preppy, all-American store has become the go-to for casual, everyday clothes. Old Navy is beloved for its bright colors, stylish cuts, and affordable prices.

• Best Buy: This store was around during the ’90s, but it has bloomed into a massive electronics marketplace. Now, Best Buy is the go-to store for anything tech-related, from console gaming to televisions.

• The Apple Store: Speaking of tech, the Apple Store has become a beloved destination for Mac and iOS fans. When it comes to tech and gadgets, the Apple Store is known for its sophisticated products and clean layout.

• Walmart: Walmart has long been a reliable source for food and home goods, but in recent years the store has become the go-to destination for everything from fashion to electronics.

The ’90s are remembered as a unique and exciting time in history, and the retail stores of yesteryear were an integral part of that era. Though many stores such as F. W. Woolworth Co. and Spencer’s Gifts are now gone, other stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Apple Store have taken their place in the marketplace.

Though it might seem like a lifetime ago, the ’90s are still a beloved time for many, and the stores of that era will live on forever in memory.