The use of beer in America dates back to colonial times when it was used as a preferred form of hydration. Until recently, beer had been an essential part of American culture, with many Americans drinking beer regularly. The debate over who sells the most beer in America has long been a source of heated debate. Different factors certainly come into play when looking at which beer is the best-selling in the country.

The key question then is: which beer is the best selling in America?

In the modern day, beer is no longer hydration-only, but is a major consumer product, with a large market to go along with it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what the data shows about America’s best-selling beer. We will examine the brands, how sales have evolved over the years and what factors contribute to the overall sales numbers.

America’s Top Selling Beer Based on 2018 Data

In 2018, the top selling beer was Bud Light from Anheuser-Bush InBev. This beer has been the best selling beer in America for over a decade. The second most popular beer was Coors Light (Molson Coors Brewing Co.) while the third top selling brand was Miller Lite (Miller Coors Brewing Co.). Other beers including Natural Light (Anheuser-Bush InBev.), Corona Extra (Constellation Brands) and Busch Light (Anheuser-Bush InBev) rounded out the top 8 beers that made up 41.3% of all beer sales in America.

Here is a breakdown of the top 8 best selling beers in America based on 2018 data:

• Bud Light: 19.9%

• Coors Light: 6.4%

• Miller Lite: 4.6%

• Natural Light: 3.9%

• Corona Extra: 3.2%

• Busch Light: 2.7%

• Michelob Ultra: 2.6%

• Modelo Especial: 2.6%

Types of Beer Available in America

When looking at American beer, there are a number of different types to consider. The most popular is lager, which is a pale colored and light-bodied beer. This style of beer is what most of the top selling beers named above fall into. Pilsner is another type of beer, which is a light-colored, crisp, and refreshing beer. It’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Other types of beer include stouts, ales, and wheat beers, as well as seasonal and specialty beers.

Popularity of Craft Beer in America

While the major beer companies remain the most popular in America, craft beers have slowly been gaining in popularity in recent years. Craft beers are made by small breweries and typically have unique flavors not typically found in major beer brands. The growth of the craft beer movement in America has been fueled by the slow but steady growth of the microbrewery scene.

In 2018, craft beer accounted for 13.2% of all beer sales in America, with a total of $7.2 billion in sales. Craft beer sales are expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as more and more Americans are exposed to the unique flavors and styles of craft beer.

Advertising and Promotional Strategies of Major Beer Companies

The major beer companies have used a variety of strategies to promote their beers. They use traditional forms of advertising such as television and radio as well as social media and digital marketing. Major beer companies tend to focus on building brand loyalty and promoting the positive attributes of their beers. They also offer promotional offers and sponsor events, including sports events.

How Beer Prices Impact Sales

Price is always an important factor when looking at overall sales. The price of beer can be a major determining factor in how much is consumed. Factors such as taxes, distribution costs, and economic factors all have an effect on the prices of beer.

In general, as the price of beer increases, the overall consumption of beer decreases. This means that in certain areas, the price of beer can be a major factor in what type of beer is consumed.

Beer is an important part of the American culture and it’s an important consumer product. The debate over who sells the most beer in America is a hotly contested one and there are many factors that contribute to the numbers. When looking at the sales data, Bud Light has been the best selling beer in America for over a decade. The other top 8 beers make up over 40% of the overall beer sales in America.

Craft beers have been gaining popularity in recent years, but they still only account for 13.2% of beer sales in America. Major beer companies use a variety of strategies to promote their beers, from traditional advertisements to sponsorship of events. Price is always a factor when it comes to beer consumption, with higher prices resulting in decreased consumption.

Overall, the data shows that Bud Light is by far the most popular beer in America. It remains to be seen if this will continue for years to come or if other beers will eventually overtake it as the best-selling beer in America.