Looking stylish and having confidence is something that all men strive for, no matter how old they are. However, the dressing style for men over forty will vary greatly from the clothes of their younger counterparts. Dressing for age can make a big difference when achieving that desirable confidence. Whether you want to look sharp for the office or rocking out on the dance floor, here are some definite style tips that will ensure that men over forty look fashionable and confident.

Essential Basics that all Men over 40 Must Own

When looking good and stylish, the usual clothes we have in our closets need some updating. Keeping the basics up to date and well-fitting should always be your goal.

Excellent-fitting Blazers – Blazers are essential all year-round, especially when going on a dinner date or any event that requires more than just casual wear. The key here is to go for quality over quantity. Invest in just one good quality blazer that fits well and acts a power jacket when needed.

Classic White Button-Up Smart Shirt – Every man should have one, period. It can be worn with a blazer or with a nice pair of jeans for a night out with friends.

A Well-Tailored Suit – A good quality suit should never be neglected. Invest in one that’s well-fitted and tailored for that dapper look.

Good Footwear in Fitting and Neutral Colors – Quality shoes complete the package. Whether it’s smart dress shoes or casual slip-ons, make sure to invest in a great pair that screams power and style.

Power Accessories to Spruce Up Any Outfit

Accessories will have a huge effect on any look. As men over forty, simplicity with boldness is what we should be aiming for.

A Statement Watches – A good suave watch can turn any outfit up a notch. Make sure to get a timeless look and fit it with a quality strap for that luxurious feel.

The Perfect Tie – for a meeting or a date night, the perfect tie should complement the outfit. Go for classic colors such as navy, grey, and black and add an interesting texture for a dash of personality.

A Small Bag – Bags aren’t just for the ladies, men should own one too. A small work bag or a trendy tote can spruce up any look, while also carrying all of your essentials.

Style Rules to Follow as You Age

For every age, there is a set style guide to keep in mind, especially when dressing for our years.

Always Ensure Your Clothes Fit Well – As we age, our bodies change. To keep looking stylish and put-together, make sure to have your clothes tailored so they fit you perfectly. As the saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.”

Embrace Your Age – Don’t try to dress younger than you are. Avoid trends that you think are too out there for someone of your age and stick to timeless looks that you’ll be comfortable and confident in for years to come.

Be Smart With Patterns and Colors – Go for modern patterns and colors instead of flashy or edgy choices. Choose classic style and color as you age to ensure you’re always looking sophisticated.

Simple Grooming Rules

As you age, grooming will become more and more important. Stick to proven grooming habits to keep those grey hairs at bay.

Keep Your Hair Neat and Well-Groomed – It’s important to keep our hair well-maintained at all times. Go for a style that’s easy to maintain and requires minimal products. If you have grey hairs, make sure to use the right dye to keep them looking sharp and natural.

Upgrade Your Shaving Routine – If you’re still using the same shaving routine you did when you were in your twenties, it’s time for an upgrade. Invest in quality razors and shaving products to keep you looking smooth and avoid shabby stubble.

Make Sure to Smell Great – Colognes play a huge role in confidence boosting. Invest in quality scents with base notes that you’d like and keep switching them up to keep you looking and smelling great.

Go for Quality Everyday Essentials

When it comes to clothing, quality is key to making sure that you look sharp and sophisticated. Buy quality, tailored items and never buy impulse items for an instant boost.

The Perfect Jeans – Everyone needs a good pair of jeans; however, one can never go wrong investing in quality. Designers such as Levi’s and Hussby are great, and always ensure that you buy the perfect fit for your body type.

That Perfect T-Shirt – If you’re a fan of casual wear, make sure you invest in a good quality t-shirt that shows off your style without looking too casual.

Quality Underwear – Last but definitely not least, invest in quality briefs or boxers that fit well and keep you classy.

In reality, when it comes to fashion, age should never be an issue. With the right guidance, you can make sure that you look stylish and confident at the same time. By following some of these definitive style rules, you can make sure that you look the part no matter what age you are. always remember that simplicity is key when it comes to aging gracefully, make sure you invest in quality, tailored clothing and up to date grooming habits and you’ll end up looking and feeling your best.