Gatorade is the top-selling sports drink in the United States, but it appears that the brand is facing a shortage caused by a confluence of factors. This article will discuss the current Gatorade shortage, explore why it’s happening, and provide tips on how to deal with this situation. We’ll also take a look at alternatives to Gatorade, including other sports drinks and homemade concoctions.

Shortage of Gatorade
Gatorade’s U.S. production is facing reduced supply due to a lack of access to raw materials and a disruption in the supply chain. According to Convenience Store News, the combination of a tight supply of malic acid and electrolytes, two ingredients that are important for producing the electrolyte-infused beverage, has caused a significant decrease in Gatorade’s production. This has created a shortage in its stores and online.

Possible Reasons for the Shortage

  1. Ingredients are scarce – Gatorade’s malic acid and electrolytes come largely from China and other areas in east Asia, where the coronavirus pandemic has caused significant supply chain disruptions.

  2. Higher demand – The pandemic has presented an increased demand for Gatorade in the U.S., as consumers look to maintain their hydration while they’re away from home and on the go. Additionally, with the pandemic impacting production and availability of other sports drinks, Gatorade’s higher demand has been compounded.

  3. Production is low – Recently, Gatorade’s manufacturing capabilities have been affected by a shortage of chlorine dioxide, a chemical that cleans water used to make the drink, according to reports from Food Dive. With less access to necessary materials, Gatorade has had to reduce its operation capabilities.

How to Deal with the Situation

  1. Check online – Due to the shortage, Gatorade is limited in stores and online. If the product is still on the shelves in local stores near you, check the expiration date to make sure it is still good. If it is expired or low in stock, try to order it online.

  2. Try alternatives – While Gatorade seems to be facing a shortage, there are alternatives that are widely available still in stores. Other sports drinks like Powerade, BodyArmor, and Coconut Water are all good alternatives that contain electrolytes and will hydrate the body.

  3. Make your own drink – As an alternative to buying a professionally-made sports drink, you can make your own at home. Find a recipe online and even add in other ingredients like sugar and fruit flavors for additional hydration and flavor.

Gatorade is currently facing a shortage caused by a lack of access to raw materials and a disruption in the supply chain. Understandably, this news has been discouraging for many consumers. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this issue and still get decent hydration. Check local stores and/or look online for Gatorade as well as alternative sports drinks that contain electrolytes. And if all else fails, it’s a great time to try out homemade sports drinks and find a personal favorite.