Staying cool and comfortable in the hot summer months can often be a struggle, especially if you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. If the sun is beating down on your bedroom all day and your room is not properly ventilated, it can become stiflingly hot. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions and genius hacks to help you keep your bedroom cool throughout the summer. Here are some of the best tricks and tips to keep your bedroom cool even when the temperature starts to rise.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Bedroom

Making the right material and color choices for the things in your bedroom can go a long way toward helping you stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

• Darker colored materials will absorb more of the heat from the sun, so choose lighter colored materials for curtains, bedding, and furniture whenever possible.

• Cotton, linen, and other lightweight fabric choices will also help keep your room cooler and more breathable, rather than opting for heavier materials like velvet.

• If you have the option to do so, consider replacing your carpets and flooring with wood or tile, as those materials tend to be cooler in the hot weather.

Purchase an Electric Fan

If your bedroom does not have an AC unit, buying a fan is a low-cost way to cool down your room quickly.

• Opt for a white or silver fan, as those colors will reflect more of the sun’s heat, helping to keep your bedroom cooler.

• Playing with the positioning of the fan can also help: placing the fan near a window can help cool incoming hot air, while pointing it upwards can make the entire room feel cooler.

• If you can, consider investing in a ceiling fan, as these can turn your entire room at the same time and help to spread cool air more quickly.

Utilize Natural Cool Behavior

Getting creative with simple everyday objects can also help you beat the heat.

• Use a large bowl or pot of water and place it in front of a fan to increase the amount of cool air in your bedroom.

• Place a damp towel over a fan for the same effect.

• Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window when it’s cooler outside to bring in more refreshing air into your room.

• Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to mist yourself throughout the day.

Keep Windows Open During the Night

At night, when the temperature outside starts to cool down, take advantage of the fresh air by keeping your windows open while you sleep.

• Put mesh screens on your windows to keep bugs outside while still allowing the cool air to come in.

• Make sure you close the blinds or curtains during the day to keep out the heat.

• Place a bowl of ice or a wet towel in front of a fan to create a cooling breeze you can use while you sleep.

• Consider investing in a window treatment that blocks the sun’s rays and reflects heat. This will help keep your room cooler during the day.

Be Smart with Your Electronics

Many electronics, such as TVs and computers, produce a lot of heat, so be mindful of how many of these devices you have running in your bedroom.

• Place electronics away from your bed, as this area generates a great deal of heat.

• Unplug these devices when not in use, as even when your electronics are switched off, they can still generate a lot of heat.

• Invest in a laptop cooling pad to help keep your laptops cool.

• Get creative with cardboard, tin foil, and other materials by placing them in front of your televisions and other devices to help reflect heat away from your room.

Consider Insulation and Air Conditioning

Insulation is a great way to keep your bedroom cool and protect it from outlying heat sources.

• Seal any cracks or gaps around your bedroom door, window frames, and vents to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

• Cellulose insulation will help fill in air gaps and keep your bedroom cooler during the summer months.

• If your budget allows, an AC unit is an excellent investment for keeping your bedroom cool. Make sure you keep your AC unit clean and in good working order, as any blockages can cause it to overheat.

Although summer may bring hot weather, there are many ways to keep your bedroom cool and comfortable. Choose the right materials for your bedroom, purchase an electric fan, use natural cooling behavior, keep windows open during the night, be smart with your electronics, and consider the use of insulation and air conditioning. By following the tips outlined above, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable bedroom all summer long.