It’s hard to forget the decade when bell bottoms and platform shoes were popular and pop culture was having an all-time high. We’re talking about the infamous 1970s, a decade of living for the now and sparking a youth revolution. Say goodbye to the strict mores of the 60s and say hello to a creative and authentically funky 70s. Read on to journey through memory lane and some of the grooviest highlights of the 70s.

Exploring the 70s Fashion

Before delving into all the cool 70s trends, let’s start with fashion. In the 70s, clothing was all about self-expression and art. Women embraced their natural curves while men donned bright colors and daring garments. Unbelievably, some of these trends are still making a splash today. Let’s explore some of the grooviest fashion in 70s history:

• Hippie Chic – This trend was all about making a statement on the fashion scene. Free-flowing clothes in earthy colors and chunky jewelry completed an outfit inspired by the counter-culture. Playing loose with gender norms, hippie chic was one of the most popular fashion trends in the 70s.

• Miniskirts – Defying convention in the best way possible, miniskirts made a massive statement in the 70s. The trend grabbed attention not just due to the radical length, but also the creative materials and loud colors used in the clothing.

• Bell-bottoms – With their flared legs and creases near the waistline, bell-bottoms gave men an opportunity to flaunt their personal style. The latest “it” garment soon followed women too, becoming an iconic style embraced by groovy fashionistas.

• Platform shoes – Step up to the fashion game with the help of platform shoes. While these shoes might seem intimidating, they were actually incredibly comfortable and are often associated with the disco era in the 1970s.

• Cutout dresses – This trend was an ultra-hip way for women to dress in the 70s. Cutout dresses had their own appeal, with semi-sheer sheer fabrics, revealing necklines, and daringly high hemlines.

The Best of 70s Pop Culture

The 70s were buzzing with vibrant art, cool music, and emerging entertainment. With new avenues to explore, the 70s really were a place to be creative and to express one’s own personality and identity. Here are some of the most defining pop culture trends of the 70s:

• Music – This era saw a number of iconic music trends. From the explosion of rock ‘n roll and disco, to the introduction of punk and hip-hop, the 70s were a decade of fantastic, genre-shifting music.

• Movies – As the 70s unfolded, so did major films that shaped cinema for decades to come. Some of the most popular films of the 70s, like Jaws, Star Wars, The Exorcist, Saturday Night Fever, and The Godfather, are still widely popular and watched today.

• Television – Just as the decade changed musical tastes, it also brought with it some of the most popular series in the American small screen. 70s sitcoms established the mold for American comedy, while family-oriented dramas like The Waltons and All in the Family kept audiences engaged.

• Art – The 70s also shook up the art scene. Abstract expressionism, pop art, and minimal art were all popular in the 70s. Music and films also saw major dives into vibrant and experimental art directions, birthing some unforgettable visuals.

• Literature – English and American literature were at the peak in the 70s, with iconic books such as Beloved by Toni Morrison leading the way through the creative Renaissance.

The Health Craze of the 70s

The 70s saw a major influence in health and wellbeing as people embraced more natural and holistic methods for improving their everyday lives. From acupuncture to Tai Chi and vitamin supplements to organic foods, the 70s established the groundwork for present-day health trends. Here are some other popular 70s health trends that still have a modern-day appeal:

• Herbal Medicine – Plant-based medicinal treatments have been around for ages and have often been the go-to for health concerns. The 70s saw a major rise in the use of herbal medicine for an array of issues related to physical and mental health.

• Mindfulness – In the 70s, Eastern philosophies, such as Zen Buddhism, gained traction in the Western world. These practices gave rise to newfound ways to look after our mental health and introduced concepts such as yoga and mindfulness.

• Organic Foods – In the 70s, it was believed that quality and purity were all that mattered when it came to the food we eat. Since then, organic eating and the quality of what goes into our food have become insistent.

• Nutrition – As people were beginning to recognize the importance of healthy eating and how a nutritious diet can improve physical and mental health, the 1970s saw a huge rise in awareness about healthy eating.

Reliving the 70s with Retro Style

The decade of pure funk has been missed and it’s no wonder why retro styles are making a strong comeback today. With plenty of ready-to-wear clothing and vintage-inspired glasses, the 70s look is alive and more popular than ever. Whether it’s rocking bell-bottom jeans or dabbling with kooky patterns, you can create awesome retro-style looks by mixing and matching the hottest 70s trends.

The 70s have been the decade of our dreams and after all these years, we continue to be wowed by its revolutionary style. From radical fashion to ground-breaking art, this era certainly won’t be forgotten anytime soon. So if you’re feeling creative and want to show your appreciation for the 70s, do it justice with your own retro looks and you’re sure to get noticed.

As the beauty of the 70s fades into the sunset, what will remain are the styles and trends as a testament to a decade of vibrant creativity. We’ll never forget our roots and that decade still has us wrapped around its finger. We hope you enjoyed and were able to take a trip through memory lane!