Ahh…the 70s. A decade filled with groovy clothes, amazing music, and hilarious slang phrases. Nothing can quite bring back the good ‘ole days like the quality items and catchphrases beloved by those of the era. From watching classic TV shows to revisiting classic movies and more, the ‘70s was an era devoted to having a blast. And, no time was better than the seventies when it comes to slang phrases and unique sayings.

Relive the 1970s with these slang terms that every kid from that era will remember. From phrases associated with disco and dancing to words that describe someone’s appearance, these classic ‘70s sayings will make you wish it was still the 1970s again. So, grab a flat 7-Up and dig those bell-bottoms out of the back of the closet — you’re about to time travel back to the ’70s.

‘70s Dizco and Dancing Slang

The decade of the 70s was undoubtedly formative when it comes to disco- and dance-related music. It was also responsible for producing some of the most classic slang expressions and words associated with the culture and fashion at the time.

  1. Boogie-down: Boogie-down is a popular phrase used to describe the act of dancing and grooving to disco music. During the 70s, it was like an invite to the dance floor — one that no one could resist — so grab your dancing partner and boogie-down!

  2. Bust a move: Bust a move is a phrase that means to start dancing, usually to a 70s disco beat. It’s usually used to cheer on and encourage others to get up and dance, or just to describe a good dance move.

  3. Flashy: flash, often used to describe clothing or styles, means that the clothing was bright, loud and possibly had some sparkles or glitz, often associated with disco fashion.

  4. Groovy: Groovy was a popular ‘70s phrase meaning awesome, cool, or exciting. It was a way to describe things that you thought were excellent, and it’s still used today.

Dictionary of ‘70s Words to Describe Someone

When referring to someone, there were a lot of fun and unique words used in the ‘70s that we don’t hear too often anymore. Here is a small dictionary of words used to describe someone during the ‘70s:

  1. Far out: Far out was a cool way to say “cool”, “radical”, or even “exciting”. It’s still used today in some areas!

  2. Groovy gal: Groovy gal was an expression used to describe a girl that was fun and fashionable. Generally, it was someone that was considered cool and laid back.

  3. Dufus: Dufus was a slang term for an idiot, someone stupid or foolish. It was a way to describe someone who didn’t get it or was oblivious to what was going on.

  4. Hippie: A Hippie was someone who was usually associated with being peace-loving, having long hair, being laid-back, and dressing in bright, patchwork clothing and accessories.

  5. Freak: Freak was a term used during the 70s to describe someone who was eccentric, strange, or just plain weird. It could often be a term of endearment.

  6. Groover: Groover was a word used to describe someone cool and laid-back who was always up for a good time. Typically, these people also performed well on the dancefloor.

  7. Hippest cat: Hippest cat was a popular phrase during the 70s and it was a way to describe someone that was incredibly cool and fashionable.

  8. Square: A square was someone who was considered the opposite of cool, usually not up on the current trends.

‘70s Style: The Slang Words That Described Fashion

The 70s were full of amazing fashion trends, from bell-bottoms to platform shoes and more. Here are a few slang words that were used to describe how people dressed during the 70s:

  1. Flashy: Flashy was a term used to describe clothing or fashion that was bright, loud and had some sparkles or glitz, often associated with disco fashion.

  2. Mission Impossible: This phrase was used to describe clothing that was seemingly impossible to take off, like heavy coats or insulating layers.

  3. Jammy: A jammy was a phrase used to describe a flamboyant outfit, usually associated with disco fashion.

  4. Psychedelic threads: Pscyhedelic threads were clothing items that had bright, psychedelic patterns, usually found on hippie clothing.

  5. Fancy Footwear: Fancy footwear was often associated with platform shoes, which were popular during the 70s and are still making a comeback today.

  6. Foxy: Foxy was a word used to describe a stylishly dressed woman, generally associated with the disco era.

‘70s Slang for Food and Drink

During the 70s, there were some fun and unique slang words used to describe the food and drink we ate and the way we enjoyed them — from soda to desserts, these slang words really had some flare. Here are a few popular food and drink phrases from the 70s:

  1. Chug: Chug means to take a long drink from a container, often used for things like soda or beer.

  2. Soda jerk: A Soda Jerk was a waiter in a diner who specialized in making and serving soda and other fizzy drinks.

  3. Hippy dippy: Hippy dippy was a phrase used to describe something sweet or sugary, like a dessert.

  4. Brain freeze: Brain freeze was a phrase used to describe the feeling of an intense headache, usually caused by eating or drinking something too cold or sugary.

  5. Groovy morsel: Groovy morsel was a term used to describe something delicious and delightful to eat, especially when someone is feeling peckish.

‘70s Expressions for Fun & Everyday Situations

The 70s weren’t all about disco and fashion — there were some real expressions used to describe fun and everyday situations. Here are a few popular expressions from the 1970s that you may remember:

  1. Sock it to me: Sock it to me was an expression used to encourage someone to give their maximum energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

  2. Groovy express: The Groovy Express was an expression used to describe something that was fun and exciting.

  3. Funky fresh: Funky fresh was a phrase used to describe something that was extremely cool and exciting.

  4. Outta sight: Outta sight was an expression used to describe something incredible, like it was beyond words or too hard to comprehend.

  5. Copacetic: Copacetic was a phrase used to say that everything was alright or that all was good and sorted out.

Whether you were born in the ‘70s or not, it’s impossible not to feel a little bit of nostalgia for the decade that brought us such iconic musical acts and classic movies. And nothing brings the decade of the 70s back to life quite like the slang and expressions popularized then.

From phrases used to host an epic disco night to words used to describe someone’s appearance and more — these 70s slang terms are absolutely unforgettable. So, it’s time to channel your inner 70s and start breaking out some of these classic slang phrases – you’re sure to have a blast doing it!