Eye color plays an essential role in human appearance and is often seen as a physical trait that can influence one’s level of attractiveness. While opinions on eye color vary drastically, research has suggested that certain shades are more desirable than others. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most attractive eye colors according to science.

What Science Says About Eye Color

We all have naturally chosen preferences when it comes to eye color, and these can often be informed by biology. Science has found that eye color is determined by the amount and type of melanin in the iris. Research has also found that eye color can impact how people perceive attractiveness. Those with rich, dark eyes are generally considered to be more attractive. So, which eye color is the most attractive according to science?


Blue eyes are often considered to be the most attractive eye color. Studies have found that blue eyes are associated with youth and health, and are thought to signal a healthy individual. People with blue eyes often appear to have whiter teeth and a brighter overall face, making them more attractive. Blue eyes are considered to be attractive throughout the world, regardless of geography, nationality, or ethnicity.


Green eyes are considered to be striking and unique, and this can make them attractive to many. They can add a mysterious, exotic look to someone’s face and often evoke feelings of warmth. Like blue eyes, green eyes are also connected to youth and health. This combination of attractive qualities makes green eyes an attractive eye color option.


Brown eyes are commonly seen as attractive because they give off a greater sense of confidence and strength. People with brown eyes often appear to be more authoritative and powerful, making them a desirable eye color. Brown eyes are also associated with warmth, empathy, and caring, so they often evoke compassionate feelings.


Heterochromia is a rare condition where one eye is a different color than the other, often green and blue. This unique combination of colors is incredibly attractive and eye-catching, which is why many celebrities have chosen to wear contact lenses that mimic the trait.


Hazel eyes have an interesting combination of both green and brown pigments, so they are often considered to be a unique and attractive eye color. They have a subtle yet sparkling shine that makes them eye-catching and beautiful. Hazel eyes can also appear to change color depending on what the person is wearing.

While different people prefer different eye colors, there are some that, according to science, are more attractive than others. Blue, green, and brown eyes can all be seen as attractive and desirable, while heterochromia also has a strong pull on many. In terms of less common eye colors, hazel is often seen as beautiful and mysterious.