Kids can be funny. A lot of funny, in fact. Their playful innocence and naivety often manifest in hilarious photos, which are hilarious enough to make adults laugh too. It is their candid behavior and adorable expressions, which will make you chuckle. So, get ready for some good old belly laughs because here, we have collected some of the most hilarious photos of children that will definitely make your day and put a smile on your face.

Funny Photos of Children

  1. The Excited Kid
    Kids often do not think twice before doing something, especially when they are excited. This image of a little girl, running away from her mom on her way to somewhere, is the perfect example of their carefree and inquisitive spirit.

  2. The Facebooker
    This candid image of a little boy, sitting on his mom’s lap and checking out Facebook on her phone shows how tech-savvy the current generation of kids are. His adorable facial expression is yet another example of the adorable things kids do, which although a tad chaotic, make memories worth cherishing.

  3. The Forager
    This young boy, determinedly shopping in a grocery store, is a true forager. Equipped with his wagon, he has completely taken over what he is doing. His expression says so much about the sparkling energy and enthusiasm many children have for doing small daily tasks that adults take for granted.

  4. The Mini-Vocalist
    Anyone who has spent some time around kids knows that they can be loud. To say the least. This young vocalist is example of one such child. His melodious voice has made music out of almost every word. His enthusiasm for singing is as plain as day.

  5. The Stylish One
    This stylish young girl is making a grown-up choice of style. Her sartorial sense and fashion-forward attitude is something that even the adults can take note of. She definitely has a sense of style.

  6. The Baker
    This little girl is ready to bake a delicious meal. From her apron to her expressions, everything radiates her youthful enthusiasm. This photo captures the enthusiasm with which many kids approach even mundane tasks like cooking and baking.

  7. The Riding Ace
    This confident child has gained enough confidence to brace the waves successfully. This photograph has managed to capture the guts and resilience of a small child in the most candid way ever.

  8. The Storyteller
    This little boy is definitely the master of storytelling. A thoughtful and witty expression, added with lots of hand gestures is a perfect representation of a kid completing a creative story. His enthusiasm highlights how creative and imaginative children can get with their tiny minds.

  9. The Royal Poser
    This little prince is looking exotic and regal in his black-and-gold dress up. His smile sums up his excitement at being a poser, while his expression shows some understanding of the gravity of a royal.

  10. The Outfit Champ
    This little happy-go-lucky girl is totally comfortable with her clothing choice. The way she poses is a true representation of her confidence in her clothing. An interesting and witty clothing choice.

Tips for Taking Funny Photos of Kids

Taking hilarious photographs of kids is easy when proper technique is used. Here are some tips that will help you achieve great results.

  1. Let the Kids be Natural
    It is important to let kids be themselves when taking photos. Never try to force them to position their bodies in a certain way. When kids are allowed to roam around freely, you will capture the best and real expressions.

  2. Try Different Backgrounds
    For more interesting photos, you can try different backgrounds. Choose artistic backgrounds to add an extra touch of drama and hilarity to the photographs.

  3. Use Low Angles
    Taking pictures from a low angle adds depth to the photographs and produces a shot that looks artistic and creative.

  4. Get Down to their Level
    Kids do like to play around and pose in different ways. It is always a good idea to get down to their level to take pictures. This will help you capture all their interesting facial expressions.

  5. Be Unpredictable
    Kids love surprises and sudden changes. Try to keep them engaged by devising unpredictable plans while you are taking pictures. This way, they will be able to give you some truly beautiful expressions.

  6. Use Appropriate Themes
    Theme your shoot according to the age of the kids. Choose themes such as animals, superheroes, fairies, and so on. Kids tend to respond better when participation is encouraged and rewarded.

  7. Get Creative With Props
    Props can work wonders with kids. Use appropriate props to create a fun and humorous atmosphere. Kids will react to them in ways you will absolutely love to capture.

  8. Include the Whole Group
    If you are taking pictures of a group of kids, try to include all the kids in the frame. A happy family photo can be turned into a hilarious one by making silly expressions, or taking turns to pose like models.

  9. Have Fun
    This is the most important rule while taking photos of kids. If you yourself are not enjoying, the kids are not going to enjoy either. So, keep the atmosphere light and cheerful, and you will capture the funniest pictures.

Funny Photos of Kids that are Sure to Brighten Up Your Day

Listed below are some of the funniest pictures of kids that guarantee to elicit some good old belly laughs. Have a look!

  1. Funny ‘Failed’ Selfie
    This candid expression of a cute little girl gone wrong is something that anyone who ever tried to take a selfie can relate to.

  2. Pajamas in public
    Trading style for comfort is a universal phenomenon among kids, whether it is with their sleeping attire or their clothes. This little girl chose comfort over style and is still looking gorgeous.

  3. Grocery Store Manager
    Kids like to call the shots, even at the grocery store. This little girl is managing the store, and the fact that she has the most serious face on, makes it all the more amusing.

  4. Cake Eater
    This picture of a kid, happily devouring cake, is something everyone can relate to.

  5. Cover Up
    This little girl wearing her umbrella suggests that she is ready to take on the world.

  6. Mini-Model
    This little girl is a born model. Her confidence and attitude make her a natural in the posing game.

  7. Under the Umbrella
    This funny picture of a boy trying to be cool, while casually posing with the umbrella, is something many can relate to.

  8. Plastic Cup Dancing Champion
    This little girl has won the championship for the best limbo dance with a plastic cup.

  9. Eat More
    This little boy is giving his mom some lessons in how to correctly eat. What is hilarious is his serious expression and his mom’s amused reactions.

  10. Princess Makes An Appearance
    This little girl is dressed beautifully like a princess and is “living her best life”.

Children are always full of life and surprise. They show us the power of creativity and imagination and eternal innocence. Their funny and adorable facts capture every heart. Seeing such joyous and candid images of children always reminds us to stay young and naive, regardless of our age. So, when you are feeling dull, just take a look at these funny photos of children and you will be washed away with a gush of positive energy.