It’s been decades since Victoria Principal exploded onto television screens as Pamela Barnes Ewing in the hit show “Dallas”. Fans were enthralled by the Jerry Springer-life dramas of the oil-rich Ewing family, and Principal’s no-holds-barred performance as the determined, fiercely protective, and flamboyant Pamela made her an instant star.

Since leaving the show in 1987, she’s gone on to lead a remarkable career spanning many different fields. Not only has she been an actress, model, and producer, but she’s also created her own successful beauty and skincare lines, written several best-selling books, and even become an author. Here’s what she’s been up to lately.

Her Beauty Line

Victoria Principal’s lifelong interest in beauty has seen her develop and market her own range of anti-aging skin care products. The line, called Principal Secret, offers a wide range of rejuvenating treatments, from scrubs and masques, to lotions and oils.

In addition to her Principal Secret line, Principal has now developed a brand new selection of ‘in-home’ beauty treatments, designed to suit those who don’t have time to visit the spa. The products are diverse, ranging from wipe-off makeup towels to patent-pending gel masks and serums that work to brighten and firm the skin.


Victoria Principal has written several best-selling books, which draw together her unique life experiences and knowledge of beauty. Her books include the anti-aging advice book The Beauty of Living Twice, and her memoir, titled My Token of Appreciation.

Additionally, Principal is a contributor to various other books, including a collection of poetry, a book about spiritual wellness written in collaboration with three writers, and a book about how to protect yourself as an actor. Her writing has been acclaimed by critics across the board, with her books receiving critically acclaimed reviews in journals such as “The New York Times” and “Forbes”.

Producer and Actress

In addition to her beauty range and books, Victoria Principal has had a successful career as an actress and producer. After her departure from “Dallas”, she went on to appear in various movies, like Michael Crichton’s science fiction classic “Looker”, and the comedy “Fatal Attraction”.

In recent years, her work as a producer has really taken off, with Principal producing, writing, and acting in a number of television movie projects. Her 2018 project, “The Beach House”, was officially chosen for the Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, she serves as Executive Producer on the show “Jennifer Falls”, and her work has been praised by both fans and critics.


Victoria Principal is well known for her philanthropic work and passion for giving back. She spent much of her twenties working with young women in Africa, as well as supporting UNICEF.

Nowadays, Principal puts her money where her mouth is. She has a generous charity fund that supports causes such as animal rights, social causes, and environmental issues.

Victoria Principal’s career since her time on “Dallas” has been truly remarkable. She has successfully transitioned from a successful actress to a beauty-line entrepreneur and author. On top of this, she continues to give back to society with her philanthropic work. It’s clear that no matter what project she takes on, Principal is always a success.