Walmart Store Closures Amidst the Pandemic Since the beginning of the pandemic, brick and mortar stores have been impacted by declining sales and uncertain futures. Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, recently announced the closure of at least 31 U.S. stores in May, stating that it was part of the company’s “strategic reassessment” to focus on serving customers better. In this article, we’ll look at all the Walmart stores closing by the end of May, and whether or not yours is on the list.

Understanding the Store Closures
Walmart’s latest store closure announcement comes as part of their continued strategy to make their business more efficient and customer-centric. The company has stated that their store closures by the end of May are not related to the pandemic, but rather “pre-planned” and part of their retail strategy. Wal-Mart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, has remarked that the company “will use this opportunity to evaluate our portfolio and determine whether or not certain locations can serve customers in a better way.”

The Affected Stores
While the exact financial effect of this decision isn’t known yet, some reports cite that the U.S. store closures will cost Walmart in excess of $400 million this quarter. Here is the list of all Walmart stores closing by the end of May:

  1. Chattanooga, TN
  2. Franklin, VA
  3. Franklin, TN
  4. Hampton, VA
  5. Harrisonburg, VA
  6. Jonesboro, AR
  7. Knoxville, TN
  8. LaPorte, TX
  9. Lebanon, TN
  10. Little Rock, AR
  11. Logan, WV
  12. Macon, GA
  13. McAllen, TX
  14. Memphis, TN
  15. Morgantown, WV
  16. Murfreesboro, TN
  17. Nashville, TN
  18. Piggott, AR
  19. Pine Bluff, AR
  20. Raleigh, NC
  21. Rogers, AR
  22. Russellville, AR
  23. Greenville, NC
  24. Springdale, AR
  25. Statesville, NC
  26. Summerville, SC
  27. Tucson, AZ
  28. West Memphis, AR
  29. White Settlement, TX
  30. Wynne, AR
  31. Yuma, AZ

Impacts of Store Closures
While store closures are an unfortunate outcome of any strategic reassessment, there are potential benefits that come alongside such a move. For example, Walmart has stated that it will refocus its efforts on increasing the delivery capabilities for groceries and other items, as well as improve the design and layout of its remaining locations. Additionally, Walmart said that no associates in the affected stores would lose their jobs and will have the opportunity to transfer to other locations.

What About You?
Have your been affected by the store closures? You can use the list above to double-check whether or not your Walmart will be closed— if it is, then you’ll need to find a new store for your shopping needs.

Alternate Shopping Options
Even if your Walmart isn’t on the list, the closures still may mean having to find alternate shopping locations. Here are some other stores and locations that offer similar items and prices to those you’d find at Walmart:

• Target
• Grocery Stores – Giant, Kroger, Food Lion, Publix, Safeway, etc.
• Big-Box Stores – Costco, Sam’s Club
• Drug Stores – Walgreens, CVS
• Home Improvement Stores – Lowe’s, Home Depot
• Dollar Stores – Dollar Tree, Family Dollar

While these stores often have great deals and selections, shopping at these locations instead of Walmart may still require some extra legwork. For example, you may have to look at multiple stores to find the same type of item and prices, as well as companies you’ll have to do more research to compare.

Additional Benefits of These Stores
Shopping at other stores and locations doesn’t just mean having to do some extra legwork— there are also other potential benefits. For example, shopping at a big-box store like Costco or Sam’s Club may mean access to members-only deals and discounts. Similarly, shopping at a drug store like Walgreens or CVS may also mean access to additional health and pharmacy items.

All in all, Walmart’s store closures by the end of May have been pre-planned as part of their strategy to make their business more efficient, customer-centric, and cost-effective. If your Walmart store is on the list, you’ll need to find an alternate shopping location. Luckily, there are plenty of stores and locations available to choose from that offer similar items and prices. It may take some extra leg-work to find what you’re looking for, but some stores may come with membership deals or additional health and pharmacy items.