When it comes to attraction between the genders, there are certain traits that have been found to be particularly attractive in some men. Depending on the individual woman, these traits may or may not be desirable. However, there are some toxic traits in men which can be a major turnoff for women. This article will explore some of the things men do that women find irresistibly attractive, as well as some traits to avoid.

Be Confident

The first thing women find irresistible is when men are confident. Women like men who take control, who sure of themselves and their place in the world. A man who knows how to show his strength without turning it into arrogance, who is firm but also kind, can be incredibly attractive to the opposite sex.

Be Chivalrous

Another trait that women find irresistible is when a man is chivalrous. This doesn’t mean that men should become the stereotypical “knight in shining armor”, but rather just have a sense of respect and courtesy for women. This could be in the form of helping a woman with her coat, doing small favors to show his gratitude, and also paying attention to her likes and dislikes.

Be Respectful and Understanding

When it comes to relationships with women, men should be respectful and understanding. Women look for men who genuinely care about their feelings and opinions, and are open to listening to them. As mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean that a man has to be a doormat, but rather just listening to her respectfully and taking the time to really get to know her. This can be very attractive in the eyes of women.

Be Kind

Another attractive trait in men is when they are kind. This doesn’t mean just being kind to women, but also being kind to others in general. Women are drawn to men who are compassionate, generous, and thoughtful. Men who remember the little details, who call or check up on someone when needed, and who go out of their way to help others, can be irresistibly attractive.

Be Honest

Women also find honesty in men very attractive. Women want men who are real, who don’t sugar coat their opinions or feelings, and who are straightforward and honest in their actions. Honesty is seen as a major sign of trustworthiness, and a man who is honest and can be trusted is an incredibly attractive trait.

Be Responsible

Women find it attractive when men take ownership and responsibility of their actions. This can be in the form of taking responsibility for mistakes, being accountable, and owning up when something goes wrong. Women don’t want to be with someone who constantly blames others for their mistakes, but rather someone who takes responsibility for their own behaviors.

Avoid These Toxic Traits

While there are many attractive traits in men, there are also some traits that can be extremely detrimental and toxic, and women are often turned off by them. Below are some of the toxic traits in men to avoid:

Arrogance: Arrogance can often be misunderstood as being confident, but really it is just an over-inflated sense of superiority. Women quickly become disinterested when a man is overly arrogant.

Passivity/Aggressiveness: Passiveness or aggressiveness can be a major turnoff for women. While men should have a sense of confidence, they should also be aware of when they should take action and when it is better to step back.

Laziness: Men who are lazy or unmotivated can be incredibly unattractive to women. Women are looking for someone who pushes themselves to achieve their goals and is constantly looking to improve themselves.

Insincerity: Women can quickly pick up insincerity in a man. This can be in the form of lying or pretending to be something they are not. Women find this type of behavior extremely unappealing.

Entitlement: Women often find men who act as if the world owes them something to be very unattractive. This type of behavior shows a lack of respect for others, and women want someone who respects them and treats them as an equal.

Closed-Mindedness: Men who are closed-minded and unwilling to try new things or be open to different perspectives can often be a big turnoff for women. Women are looking for someone with an open-mind and a willingness to learn.

Insecurities: Women often find men who lack self-confidence or are filled with insecurities to be unappealing. This often leads to a lack of trust and a feeling that the man is not mentally strong.

There are some traits in men that can be incredibly attractive to women. These include confidence, chivalry, respect, kindness, honesty, and responsibility. However, there are also some toxic traits in men which can be a major turnoff for women. These include arrogance, passivity/aggressiveness, laziness, insincerity, entitlement, closed-mindedness, and insecurities. Understanding what women find attractive, as well as the traits to avoid, can help men to make better decisions when it comes to relationships with women.