We hear the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction” all the time, and that phrase couldn’t be more true in the world of unbelievable facts. There are some outlandish, strange and sometimes even unexplainable facts that, while they may not change your life, will certainly make you stop and wonder just how true they must be. Here are just a few unbelievable facts that will leave you scratching your head and double-checking whether they’re true or not.

The Great Wall of China

Everyone knows the Great Wall of China, right? It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the longest wall ever built and is something that many people have seen or are at least familiar with the concept of. What you may not know is that the Great Wall of China is visible from the moon, something that has been seen by spacecraft and astronauts since the start of space exploration in the 1960’s.

The Art of Dying

In a strange twist of fate, there is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition known as “The Tibetan Art of Dying.” This art form involves members of the Tibetan Monastery who accept people on their deathbed and provide religious training to help them to peacefully pass away, as well as helping their family in the process. The practice has been done for centuries and is one of the many things that make Tibetan Buddhism unique.

The Disappearing Lake

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is one of the most unique sights in the United States. In fact, many people don’t realize just how unique it is. The lake is actually a disappearing lake, with its level dropping significantly over the last century, mainly due to increased demand for water by residents and agriculture in the area. The lake’s level is now at an all-time low and it might be dry in just a few years.

Squid Arguably Walk

In what can only be described as one of the most interesting yet weirdest facts out there, some species of squid have been observed using their tentacles to prop themselves up on the seafloor, then walking on those tentacles in a form of locomotion. The practice, named ‘stilt walking’ by scientists, is used by the squids to catch food and is one of the few known cases of invertebrates using a form of locomotion usually associated with vertebrates.

The Headless Chicken

On a farmyard in Fruita, Colorado, a headless chicken once roamed in 1945. The chicken, known as Mike, was a miracle of science after his head was chopped off by his owner in a routine act of slaughter. Mike, however, decided not to give matter and kept on living headless for another 18 months – an unbelievable feat that was only possible because a clump of his neck tissue allowed him to keep on living despite his lack of a head.

Bats are the Only Mammals That Fly

We often think of birds when we think of flying animals, but that’s not the only species that have mastered the skies. Bats, which are small nocturnal mammals, are actually the only mammals that can fly. They do this thanks to their unique wings, which are made up of a thin membrane that they use to glide through the air.

It”s Possible to Carbon Date a Candle

One of the most incredible (and also a bit freaky) facts out there is that you can actually carbon date a candle. Carbon dating is a process that allows researchers to calculate the approximate age of an item by looking at the ratio of carbon in it. This technique is actually possible on candles and the results can be used to tell the approximate age of an object, as well as its creation date.

Jumbo Shrimp Are Not Really Jumbo

While the term “jumbo shrimp” is often thrown around as a joke, it is actually a very real thing. Jumbo shrimp, which can be found in some restaurants and grocery stores, are actually not jumbo at all. In fact, they are usually just the same size as regular shrimp, the only difference being that they have been bred to have a sweeter, more intense flavor than regular shrimp.

The world is full of strange and extraordinary facts that can leave us all baffled and truly put our perspectives of reality into question. From the Great Wall of China being visible from space to jumbo shrimp actually being just regular shrimp, there are many unbelievable facts that we can ponder and marvel at, as we uncover more and more of the world’s secrets.