For many women, finding the right hairstyle is essential in maintaining a youthful, vibrant look. While trends may come and go, certain hairstyles can contribute to an aging appearance. To keep from looking too mature too soon, it’s important to know what styles to avoid and what you can do to keep things looking fresh. This article outlines some of the worst offenders for making women look older as well as tips for avoiding them.

Types of Women’s Haircuts That Age You

We’ll start by looking at the most common women’s hairstyles that can make you appear older:

  1. Flat, Sleek Styles: Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to aging hair is to go too straight. Over-styling with flat iron or curling iron can leave strands looking dull and flat, giving off an aged appearance.

  2. High-Maintenance Styles: Lots of layers, volume, and fussy styling methods can make you look as if you’re trying too hard. Hair that’s too high, too tight, and over-processed can age you in an instant.

  3. Short All-One-Length Haircuts: Many women opt for a shorter all-one-length cut in hopes of visually minimizing the signs of aging. But short, bluntly-cut hair can be aging.

  4. Sharp Angles: Choppy, angular haircuts can steal dimension from the face, making it look flatter, which in turn can make you look older.

  5. Trendy Carefree Styles: Effortlessly-cool, air-dried, beachy wave styles may look fresh and of-the-moment, but may age you if taken too far. Appropriate carefree looks are attainable, but too much volume, height and wave can make you look out of touch.

How to Avoid Age-Adding Haircuts

  1. Ask your Stylist:Although hair trends can be fun to follow and try out, if you want to stay looking younger for longer, it is important to visit a stylist that you trust and can communicate your desired look with. Make sure to bring several pictures showing the look you’d like to achieve, and make sure to also express what you don’t want.

  2. Add Softness and Body with Hair Products: Thickening and volumizing products can help you create a softer look and add dimension to your hair. Try mousse for curls or waves, light-weight texturizing sprays for body, and hairspray to help maintain hold without looking or feeling stiff.

  3. Keep Your Hair Nourished: Just like your skin, your hair needs to stay nourished. Nutritionally-dense hair treatments and weekly deep-conditioning masks can add life and vibrancy to otherwise limp strands. If you’re using heated styling tools, make sure to use a thermal protector as well.

  4. Experiment with Color: Changing up your hair color can make a huge difference. Request warm tones or hints of color such as honey, caramel, and cinnamon (or something light but dimensional such as mid-tones of ombré). These can help give the illusion of fullness and lift the overall look for younger-looking hair.

  5. Cut Styles that Frame your Face: When you want to look youthful and fresh, stick to styles that frame the face. Long layered cuts with movement, such as a long-bob, can keep your look modern. Have your stylist use a razor rather than shears to add movement, as shears can result in a dull-looking finish.

  6. Stay Away from Hair Extensions: hair extensions instantly add volume and length to give a fuller look, but they can also be very limiting. It’s best to visit a professional to correctly match the color and texture of extensions, which can be a costly process.

  7. Don’t Take the DIY Approach: You may have the urge to take care of your hair yourself and save some money, but going to a professional stylist is worthwhile if you want a youthful look. Professional stylists understand facial structures and hair texture, so they know what will work best on you.

Did you know that a bad haircut can instantly make you look older? Whether you’re looking to go shorter, longer, or stick to your shoulder length locks, it is important to know what to look for in hair styles. Flat, high maintenance styles with sharp angles, trendy carefree styles and short, all-one-length cuts can all make you look older. Luckily, there are several ways to avoid those looks and keep yourself looking young and vibrant. From finding the right stylist, to experimenting with accessories and hair color as well hair specific products, you can achieve a look that is age-appropriate and beautiful. Now go find the perfect cut for you!