Alaska Airlines is one of the premier carriers in the United States, and they’re making a major change to their in-flight experience starting tomorrow. After extensive consideration, the airline has decided to stop providing certain items to passengers. Here’s everything you need to know about Alaska’s latest move and what you should expect when you board one of their planes in the future.

What Is Alaska Airlines Removing From Flights?
As of tomorrow, Alaska Airlines will no longer provide a number of items to passengers in an effort to minimize contact and reduce the spread of airborne particles that could potentially spread infection. The items no longer available on Alaska Airline flights include:

• Pillows
• Blankets
• Airsickness bags
• Magazines
• Headphones

What Is The Reason For The Change?
The primary motivation for the change according to Alaska Airlines is to reduce the spread of airborne particles that could potentially spread infection. To further reduce the risk of contamination, the airline will be “deep cleaning” all of its aircraft on a daily basis, with a focus on high-touch surfaces including tray tables, armrests, overhead compartments and lavatories.

What Does This Mean For Passengers?
The removal of certain items from Alaska Airlines flights may cause some inconvenience for passengers who had become accustomed to these items. Blankets, pillows and headphones can all be used to create a more comfortable flight experience, and their absence may lead to some discomfort.

The removal of air-sickness bags and magazines may also be inconvenient for some passengers; the former for obvious reasons, and the latter for leisure or entertainment during the flight.

What Should Passengers Do To Prepare?
Given the changes being put in place by Alaska Airlines, passengers should take the necessary steps to prepare themselves for the new flight experience. Here’s a few things to consider:

• Bring your own lightweight, travel-friendly pillow if you plan to use one.
• Pack your own blanket or wear several layers of clothing that are comfortable but provide some warmth.
• Pack your own headphones or earplugs – these could be quite helpful if you’re looking to get some sleep.
• Bring a book or other form of entertainment to keep yourself occupied during the flight in the absence of magazines.
• Consider bringing your own air-sickness bags in case of motion sickness or nausea.

Alaska Airlines’ decision to remove certain items from their flights is bound to cause some inconvenience for passengers, but in light of the current situation, it’s understandable. It’s important to note, however, that passengers can still be comfortable on the flight by preparing ahead of time with the right items. With the new policy in effect, tomorrow will undoubtedly be an interesting day for passengers flying with Alaska Airlines.