The 90s was such a multicolored, vibrant and unforgettable decade. It was much more than just a collection of rocks and hip-hop songs and was home to some of the most culturally defining moments of both the past and the present. If you lived through the 90s, you remember it fondly. Here are some things only people who lived in that decade will know.

The Nostalgia of Sunday Morning Cartoons

Sunday morning cartoons were some of the most popular TV shows of the 90s. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Animaniacs, and Scooby Doo were just some of the many cartoon shows that kids and adults alike watched religiously. It was even more special when families gathered together to watch their favorite shows and at the end, everyone would be singing the catchy theme songs.

The Hype Of Going To The Movies

Going to the movies was a huge event in the 90s. Blockbuster was king, and people would stand in line for hours waiting to get their hands on the hottest new releases of the year. You had to show up early to make sure you got the tickets for the midnight show for movies like The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and Titanic.

The Gritty Action Movies

The 90s was one of the best decades for action movies. Die Hard, Terminator 2, The Fugitive, Speed, and Men In Black were just some of the groundbreaking action movies of the 90s. These well-crafted, energetic and thrilling movies became instant classics and went on to become some of the most beloved classics still enjoyed by audiences today.

The 90s Fashion Fads

The 90s ushered in a new wave of fashion trends and fads that have become iconic. Everything from overalls and flare jeans to chokers and bucket hats were popularized in the 90s. The footwear game was also incredibly popular, with grunge-inspired Doc Martens and Vans being the must-haves of the era.

The Ultimate Music Scene

The 90s music scene was simply unparalleled. From the alternative sounds of Nirvana and Green Day to the R&B/pop domination of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, the decade was dominated by new, fresh and daring sounds. Hip-hop also rose to international acclaim with the emergence of Dr. Dre, Tupac and Snoop Dogg, quickly becoming one of the most popular genres of music.

The High-Flying Sports Stars

The 90s was the decade of many of the greatest sports stars of all time. Basketball had the iconic Michael Jordan, the NFL had Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice, baseball had Ken Griffey Jr., and tennis had Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf. Fans followed these legends’ every move, with some being just as famous, if not more so, than movie stars and musicians.

The Boom of Technology

Finally, the 90s was also the decade of technological advancements. The world was introduced to the internet with Mosaic, the first browser, while the emergence of handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo Gameboy and Sony PlayStation made gaming portable and accessible. The 90s also saw the emergence of the first consumer digital camera, the Kodak DC40, which quickly changed the way we took photos.

The 90s were a truly unique and unforgettable decade. From the cultural fads of the fashion and music scenes to the advancement of technology and sporting heroes, it was a decade of new opportunities and dreams. It was also a decade that many of us are fortunate enough to still remember with fondness and nostalgia.