Being cooped up inside can get boring quickly, but with a few creative ideas, your family can have a great time even when stuck indoors. From timeless classics to innovative new games, there are plenty of fun activities for all ages to keep everyone entertained. Here is a list of fun family games to play when you’re stuck indoors.

Board Games

One of the simplest, most classic ways to have some family fun is by playing a board game. There are a variety of games available to suit different ages and interests:

Monopoly- This classic board game is a great way to nurture strategic thinking while having a great time with the family.

Clue- The game of Clue is a great way to sharpen detective skills by uncovering clues, asking questions, and solving the mystery.

Scrabble- With a mix of strategic skill, crossword puzzle fun, and a helpful dose of luck, Scrabble is a fantastic way to spend time with your family.

Ticket to Ride-This thrilling board game encourages players to build a railroad network across the US.

Catan-This is a strategy game of trading, building, and tactics.

Card Games

Cards are an easy way to bring the fun indoors for some quality family time. Plus, anyone can learn the basics in a few minutes – making them ideal for families with a wide range of ages:

Uno- This classic game is quick and easy to learn and fun for all ages.

Go Fish- A great game for younger children, Go Fish is a perfect way to entertain the little ones while teaching some basic card skills.

Texas Hold’Em- This game of poker blends luck and skill and is perfect for a night in.

Hearts- Get a group together and have a blast with the classic trick-taking game.

Video Games

Many modern video games are a great way to bring families together to compete, cooperate and have fun.

Mario Kart – The classic racing game challenges all players to compete against each other and their friends.

Minecraft – This game is great for adventure, survival, and creativity.

Fortnite – This battle royale-style game offers up an online world to explore and conquer.

Just Dance – Dance your way through classic and modern songs for some great family fun.

Pictionary – This classic family favorite brings exciting challenges in drawing, guessing and having fun.

Indoor Sports

Whether you have the equipment at home or you want to get a bit creative, there are tons of indoor sports and activities designed for family fun:

Basketball -This classic and fun game offers facility and accuracy challenges, adding to the entertainment.

Bowling – Bowling is a fun game that takes physical and mental skill to master.

Soccer – Enjoy a game of indoor soccer while you’re stuck at home.

Gymnastics – With some basic equipment, the sky’s the limit for some indoor gymnastics fun.

Baseball – Kids of all ages love a game of indoor baseball.

Table Games

Table games are a great way to have family fun while learning some new skills.

Chess – An old favorite, the game of Chess encourages players to develop strategies to win the game.

Ping-pong – Get some competitive spirit going with a game of ping-pong.

Air Hockey – This classic arcade game is great for all ages.

Table Soccer – Bring the unity and competitive spirit of soccer to the table top.

Darts – Show off your aiming skills with some classic dartboard fun.

Other Indoor Fun Activities

In addition to the games listed above, there is plenty of family fun to be had indoors.

Drawing Challenges – For budding young Picassos , why not see who can draw the best!

Family Movie Night – Pop the popcorn and make it a classic family movie night.

Forts – Get creative and make a fort together.

Scavenger Hunt – For younger children, nothing beats the excitement of a scavenger hunt.

Puppet Show – Take turns as the puppet master and put on a homemade puppet show.

Making Music – Let each family member showcase their musical talent with some family jams.

From classic board games to creative activities, family activities are a great way to connect and even learn something new as a team when stuck indoors. Whatever game you choose, you’re sure to create some family fun.