Nowadays, most people have a favorite logo, be it their favorite brands, or that of their alma mater, or even one that they find attractive. Logos are everywhere, giving us a sense of identity and pride. But what if we told you that logos can be more than just a representation? Many of the most recognized logos around the world have a secret or hidden message that you probably never knew. 

From the iconic McDonald’s logo to the famous Apple logo, it turns out logos can be used to convey much more than what meets the eye. Here, we reveal some of the secret messages hidden in popular logos that you never knew about.

The Famous McDonald’s Logo

The famous McDonald’s logo has delighted us for decades with its classic “Golden Arches” design. But did you know that it also has a secret meaning? It turns out that the two arches are also meant to represent the letter “M” which is of course the first letter in the name “McDonalds”. Immediately recognizable and iconic, the great thing about the McDonald’s logo is that it’s incredibly simple yet very clever in its use of type.

The Truly Iconic Apple Logo

The Apple logo is one of the most well known logos in the world. It’s simple, elegant and has become associated with all things creative and innovative. But did you know that the Apple logo also has a secret message? It is actually a play on words. The Apple logo depicts an apple with a bite taken out of it. This cleverly represents the phrase ‘bite out of an apple’ which is a slang way of saying ‘take a lesson’ or ‘learn’. So, the symbol of Apple not only represents innovation but also learning.

Pepsi’s All-Seeing Eye Symbolism

Pepsi is another well-known logo. It has a very modern and sophisticated design, which features an interesting round icon with the Pepsi logo in the center. But did you know that the Pepsi logo also has a secret message? It turns out that the Pepsi logo has a hidden symbol. The circles of the logo are actually two halves of the eyes, representing the ‘all-seeing eye’, a symbol often seen in religion and spirituality.

The AOL Logo: a Hidden Meaning

The AOL logo is another popular logo that has hidden meaning. The logo contains 2 circles. The bigger one has the AOL letters in the center. The inner circle is a globe. Together, they represent the connection between people with AOL and technology. The logo also represents AOL’s commitment to connecting people around the world with technology.

The Starbucks Siren

Starbucks has a very iconic and recognizable logo which many of us know and love. The logo consists of a mermaid or ‘siren’, which represents the ancient stories of seducing sailors with her beauty. But it turns out that the Starbucks siren also has a hidden message. It is believed that the siren in the logo not only represents the sailor stories but also the strong coffee and caffeine which Starbucks is known for.

Google’s Multi-Colored Letters

Google is one of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world, so it’s no surprise that their logo is one of the most recognizable. The playful and fun multi-colored lettering in the logo has become iconic, but now we know that there’s a hidden message in the Google logo. It turns out that the six letters in the logo are chosen to represent the colors of the rainbow. Additionally, the four different colors in the logo show the four main products of Google – Search, Gmail, Android and YouTube.

YouTube: Play Button Symbolism

YouTube is an extremely popular and well-known platform, and its logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. The YouTube logo consists of a simple play button graphic in red and white. But did you know that there is a deeper meaning behind this logo? It turns out that the logo is symbolic of the idea that you can ‘play’ or watch any video on the platform.

These are just some of the secret messages that can be found in some of the most popular logos around the world. From the iconic McDonald’s logo to the famous Apple logo, these secret messages are often cleverly hidden, yet they all have something to tell us. So the next time you see a logo, take some time to appreciate its hidden meanings, as it could be conveying more than what meets the eye.