We live in an amazing world full of complex and interesting aspects, but one of the most incredible and amusing ones is the sheer amount of hilarious facts that can make you question reality. From the strange to the downright ridiculous, keep reading to discover the funniest facts that will make you wonder if you’ve stepped into an alternate universe.

Hilarious Animal Facts

Let’s start with some of the oddest animal facts that have left many people scratching their heads.

  1. Dinosaurs Had Hair
    Despite the popular image of dinosaurs being scaly creatures, recent research has suggested that these giant lizards were actually covered in primitive feathers and fur.

  2. Fish Can Recognize Human Faces
    Some species of fish are able to recognize individual human faces they’ve seen before, and even recognize one another. Who knew?!

  3. Sloths Climb Down Trees Head First
    Most animals that live in trees, such as monkeys, squirrels and koalas, climb down them feet first. But sloths don’t do this. Instead they do exactly the opposite and headbutt their way down the trunk.

  4. Yawning Is Contagious Among Dogs
    Humans aren’t the only animals to catch a contagious yawn. Dogs are also susceptible and can catch another canine’s yawn, much like humans.

  5. Cows Have Best Friends
    Cows, who are often seen together in large herds, actually have best friends within these groups. When separated, these bovines can actually become stressed out and anxious.

Odd Events and Other Facts

Now for some wackier facts that involve bizarre events and happenings.

  1. The French Paved a Road With Cheese
    Built in 1793, the “Route du Fromage” was a joke on the part of the French revolutionaries, when they replaced the cobblestones on the streets leading to their capital with hard cheese.

  2. Queen Victoria of England Was the Last Monarch to Receive a Coronation
    Queen Victoria ruled at the dawn of the reign of monarchs, and was the last queen to be officially coronated and described as a ‘Queen’. After her time, the title ‘Empress’ became a thing.

  3. George Washington Had False Teeth Made of wood
    America’s first President George Washington was famously known to have fake teeth made of bone, ivory and gold, but this was only partly true. His dentures were actually made of human and animal teeth, and also cong-wood.

  4. There Was a Cat Who Survived Two Atomic Bomb Blasts
    In 1945, a two-year-old Persian cat in Nagasaki, Japan survived the atomic bomb that destroyed the city. Sadly, her home and owner perished in the explosion, but the feline named Momo not only survived the incident, but continued to live in the city for the next ten years.

  5. Charles Lindbergh Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a Plane Called “The Spirit of St. Louis”
    When Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly from New York to Paris in 1927, he achieved the feat with a single-engine planes named “The Spirit of St. Louis”.

Unbelievable How-To Guides

You won’t find these activities in the average encyclopedia, but here are some ridiculously funny facts about how people do things.

  1. You Can Fish For Rats
    Apparently, in some areas of London, fishing for rats is a popular activity – complete with tubes of cheese bait, special traps and a judging panel to measure the rats.

  2. You Can Play Squash…In A Jet
    The Squash Court on Wheels is a unique sports facility that has been mounted onto an Airbus A-300 airplane and uses a special in-motion suspension system to provide the necessary back and forth movement necessary to play squash.

  3. You Can Ride Bikes in a Stadium of Books
    The National Stadium in Berlin actually has an incredible bike ride set-up right in its bookshelves. This game actually requires you to navigate your way amongst the towering rows of books while trying to stay on the bike.

  4. You Can Grow Banana Trees Out of Books
    It is possible to grow banana trees from the pages of your favorite book. All you need to do is take some banana shoots and plant them within the pages of a book, water them and leave it in the sun. If you do this correctly, you’ll have a small banana tree growing in no time!

  5. You Can Make a Telescope Out of a Cardboard Box
    You can make a telescope out of a cardboard box by cutting a few holes into its sides and lining it with aluminum foil. Then, use another piece of foil to reflect the image of the night sky into the box, and voila! You will have a makeshift telescope.

Hilarious Human Facts

And finally, let’s end on some funny human facts that are sure to make you laugh – or at least raise an eyebrow.

  1. People Have Gotten Drunk off Air
    Along with the more well-known form of getting drunk off gas, some people in the 19th century used to get drunk off of breathing in the fumes of alcohol-soaked paper bags.

  2. Jesus Christ Was Once Brought Back From the Dead
    Back in 1869, Jesus Christ was re-incarnated… as a pet parrot belonging to a Spanish sailor. Apparently, when the sailor arrived home from sea, his fellow sailors told him that the parrot had started speaking with a distinct voice, proclaiming “He is arisen!”

  3. You Bring Your Own Coffin to Your Own Funeral
    In Senegal, it is customary for the deceased to attend their own funeral. How? By bringing along their own coffin which is carried to the service.

  4. Beekeepers Wear Bee Suits
    This may not be the most hilarious fact in this list, but it’s certainly one of the most unique. In order to protect them from the stings of their bees, professional beekeepers actually wear special suits made out of leather and other materials.

  5. You Can Buy a Headless Chicken
    Commonly found in China and Russia, it is possible to buy a headless chicken. These chickens are actually still alive and will continue to walk and peck, oblivious to the fact that their head is nowhere to be found.

As you can see, our world is full of weird and wonderful facts that can leave us feeling a bit confused. From dinosaur hair to headless chickens, hopefully some of these crazy facts have made you laugh or, at the very least, made you ponder a bit about our amazing universe.