Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth are beloved American actresses, fashion moguls, and twin sisters. While they may be household names, many people are not aware that they have several other siblings that are just as talented and ambitious as they are. Below we will discuss all of the lesser-known Olsen siblings.

Trent Olsen: The Olsen Twins’ Brother

Trent Olsen is the oldest child of the Olsen family and the brother of the Olsen twins. He was born on April 8th, 1993, which makes him three years older than his sisters. Trent served as an extra in “Full House”, the sitcom debut of his famous sisters. Following in his sister’s footsteps, he also acted in some smaller film and television roles. In the last several years, Trent has focused on his musical career. For the past few years, he has been working on a solo album and is signed to Nettwerk Records.

Jordan Olsen: The Olsen Twins’ Brother

Jordan is a lesser-known member of the Olsen family. He is the third child and second son of the Olsen family and was born in 1995, two years after his brother, Trent. Jordan often returns home to Los Angeles to visit his family. He has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in music like his older brother, Trent.

Elizabeth Chase Olsen: The Olsen Twins’ Sister

Elizabeth is closely associated with her twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, yet few people are aware she has her own career. Elizabeth is the youngest child in the family and was born in 1989. She began attending NYU in 2011 and, unlike her older siblings, she did not pursue an acting career. Elizabeth has a BFA and graduated with a degree in Performing Arts from the Tish School of Arts. She has been in several films and television shows and is known for her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Scarlet Witch in the Avengers films.

Taylor Olsen: The Olsen Twins’ Brother

Taylor is the fourth child of the Olsen family and the second brother of the Olsen twins. He was born in 1996, a year after his brother, Jordan. Taylor rarely speaks about his family of talented celebrities. While he hasn’t pursued an acting career like his siblings, he did attend college in California and has since gone on to become a real estate investment analyst in Los Angeles.

How the Olsen Siblings Stay Close

Despite their age differences and the fact that they live all over the world, the Olsen siblings continue to stay close. It is well-known that Mary-Kate and Ashley are incredibly close and share a tight bond. They credit their parents for their close sibling relationships. Their mother and father instilled a sense of love and loyalty towards their siblings since they were young. In addition, their parents are noted for always supporting their children’s career dreams and advice.

The Olsen Siblings’ Accomplishments

From the start of their careers, the Olsen Twins have experienced tremendous success in the entertainment industry. Initially known for their starring roles in the beloved 90s sitcom, “Full House”, the Olsen Twins have both gone on to become top-grossing names in the film and television industry. In the fashion world, their influence is just as powerful. They both have their own fashion lines, “Mary Kate and Ashley” and “Elizabeth and James” and although their lines have been considered “luxury”, their prices remain affordable for most budgets.

The other Olsen children have seen their successes in various fields. Trent has achieved success as a musician, Elizabeth as an actress, Jordan’s potential as an artist is growing and Taylor has become a real estate investment analyst. All of the Olsen siblings tend to give each other support and advice, especially during times of difficult decisions or career aspirations.

The Olsen Twins’ Philanthropic Work

The Olsen family is known to be philanthropic and they often use their celebrity platforms to bring attention to worthy causes like homelessness and poverty to environmental concerns, and improving mental health awareness. Mary-Kate and Ashley have opened up about their experiences with anxiety and depression, founded the Feel Good Project, and have continued to be vocal about mental health awareness, even creating a new line of clothes in partnership with Net-A-Porter called OmAge, which is focused on sustainability, saving the natural environment and reducing waste in the fashion industry.

Elizabeth champions her own charity, the RE-ANIMATOR Foundation, which teaches at-risk children the basics of art and encourages them to find ways to express themselves through artwork. The charity has provided workshops at over two dozen schools and youth centers around the world. Taylor works with the Los Angeles Youth Network and has donated to causes such as BuildOn, a charity that helps to build educational facilities in underprivileged parts of the world.

The Olsen twins have become beloved icons in their own right, from their humble start on “Full House” to the trailblazers they are today. However, much of their success and accomplishments can be attributed to the influence and support of their family, especially their lesser-known siblings. Each of their siblings is pursuing success in their respective fields and are seen as forces for good in their own right. From performing to philanthropy, the Olsen family have proven that together, they can move mountains.