Are you considering hiring the services of an escort? Have you never been with an escort? Remember that there is always a first time for everything. The reasons that can lead a man to resort to prostitution are several, a while ago I already detailed what they were, but today I am going to explain how you can be with an escort calmly and enjoy it without getting nervous. 

Surely in your thoughts you have doubts about whether you are doing the right thing, maybe you think that later the feeling of guilt will invade you, that is why it is important that before taking the step, you have it very clear, and I know that you have it because you want to have a good time.

During your first time with an escort you will surely experience many sensations, that’s what it’s all about, trying new things, feeling a new form of pleasure that you probably haven’t experienced yet.  Need to find a good date? If you are in England, we suggest that you look for an escort in Birmingham. Visit and carefully read each escort’s profile, as well as their opinions. Whether for company or other services, your satisfaction is just one click away.

Be clear what you are looking for

Knowing what you are looking for is the first step to finding it. Not all escorts offer the same services, in the same way or under the same budget.

What experience are you looking for, what would you like the person you share the date with to be like, do you want something unusual, do you want it to happen in a specific way? Ask yourself these and all the necessary questions to be really clear about what you want to achieve with that appointment. You must be clear about what budget you have, but it is also important that you understand that the prices are not set by you; If a certain plan does not fit your budget, think about saving what is necessary first.

And always payment in advance

The girls who have worked on the street know very well how some clients spend their money . They are not all, obviously, but they should be warned, because they are offering a very intimate and special service, and they deserve to be rewarded for it. Most charge in advance , once the client is already with them. You can pay in cash or by card, if the girl allows it, but always before the relationship. It is unfair? We believe not. The girl is usually at a certain “disadvantage” against the clients if they become violent for not wanting to pay them for a service they have already performed. Furthermore, these escorts, if they are real professionals, will never deceive you. Their reputation depends on what customers say about them, and no one wants to look like a “scamster.” That is why they always ask for the money in advance, for what may happen. It’s like rates and services , either you accept it or there’s no deal, and you have to look for someone else.


Sex work is work, and there are no ifs or buts about that. The person with whom you are finally going to have a date deserves the same respect as the person who serves you a coffee, assists you in a consultation or sells you fruit; like you. The fact that she is an escort does not reduce her rights, nor does it exempt you from showing civility and education.

Trying to haggle over the cost of their services, demanding more than what was agreed, treating them in a disrespectful manner or showing a violent attitude – among other attitudes – is despicable. If you think you have the right to ask for anything and expect the other person to simply comply, it would be better to make the appointment with a silicone doll. Propose your demands politely, give all the necessary details so that what you are looking for is as clear as possible, ask if you should follow any special steps for the appointment, and remember: she is an escort and offers a service, she does not sell her body; don’t overextend yourself.


Just as you can get ready to go to work, to dinner with your group of friends or for a romantic date; You can do it when you meet your escort date. Nobody talks about new clothes, shoes and hairstyle, as if you were going to a wedding (although you can do it, of course). It’s about offering a pleasant image, regardless of your physique. Essentially, hygiene. Whether it’s a dinner date, a cultural visit or fulfilling your most ardent sexual desires, having basic hygiene and wearing clean clothes is appropriate.

Condom use is non-negotiable

There are girls who allow their clients to remove the condom for oral sex, a service known as bareback blowjob . This is something that the escorts themselves decide, and they, and only them, will determine whether or not you should wear a condom for fellatio. Where there is usually no discussion is in intercourse. If there is penetration , you must wear a condom to avoid greater harm. Obviously, this is something that protects both of you, because STDs are a problem that can easily be avoided by putting on a condom . It is something as simple as that, providing security to the encounter, because casual sex is where this type of venereal diseases are most commonly transmitted. Always bring a condom with you to your date with an escort, because they almost always have them, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious in this regard.

Don’t negotiate time or money

Escorts don’t want to haggle over their rates , like no other worker wants to do. They have stipulated a payment for certain services, at a time that is agreed upon before said service . Trying to reduce or increase the time because you think it is too expensive or limited is very tacky. If you are not convinced by the conditions that that escort gives you, go to another one. Girls also need money to pay their bills and everything else. It is simply a matter of knowing their rates, their services, and accepting them, or passing it up. Negotiating with these escorts usually creates unnecessary tension and an uncomfortable situation before something as intimate as a sexual relationship. That’s why it’s better to be clear about what we want and not go and get a disco

Experiencing a meeting with an escort can be enriching and satisfying when it is conducted with respect, professionalism, and a keen awareness of personal boundaries. Embracing the recommendations provided in this article paves the way for a secure, enjoyable, and mutually gratifying interaction, preserving the dignity and welfare of all individuals involved. It’s crucial to bear in mind that a considerate and consensual approach stands as the linchpin for a successful escort encounter.