In Hollywood, celebrity heights often take on mythical proportions. Some stars seem to tower over others, while some always appear to be snuggled down into a smaller frame. However, no matter how tall or short one may appear in comparison to their counterpart or co-star, some famous people are actually far shorter than you might expect them to be. The following list of celebrity heights is sure to surprise you!

  1. Will Smith – 5’9

Will Smith is often perceived to be a tall, charismatic leading man, but his actual height is only 5’9. While this doesn’t actually make him the shortest of all leading men, the illusion of his long legs and dashing smile gives the impression of a taller stature.

  1. Simon Cowell – 5’ 8

The notoriously hard-to-please judge of ‘American Idol’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ is actually much shorter than his silver-screen impression. Simon Cowell may appear much taller due to his tapered dress shirt, necktie and tailored blazer, but his height is actually only a few inches above the 5’5 mark.

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch – 6’0

As far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, Benedict Cumberbatch may appear to be taller than most of his castmates playing the roles of super humans. However, in reality he is just 6’0 tall. While this may be considered to be on the tall side for someone of his stature, it goes to show that tall does not necessarily mean huge or bulky.

  1. Winona Ryder – 5’4

When Winona Ryder hit the scene in the mid-nineties, she was seen as an enigmatic teen playing leading roles alongside the likes of Christian Slater and Johnny Depp. But how tall is Winona in reality? Surprisingly, she is quite small. Winona Ryder is actually only 5’4, making her one of the shortest female stars of the time.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio – 5’11

This may come as a surprise to many people, but the undisputed leading man of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, is actually only 5’11. Although Leo is still quite tall compared to the average male height, it’s nothing compared to the near 7-foot-tall heights of some of his other male co-stars.

  1. Miley Cyrus – 5’5

Miley Cyrus has been a prominent name in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades now, having started her career in 2003 before rising to fame as the star of ‘Hannah Montana’. However, despite her sultry glamour, Miley is actually only 5’5, making her just an inch taller than Winona Ryder.

  1. Tom Cruise – 5’8

For decades Tom Cruise has dazzled audiences with his tall, toned physique. However, in reality the actor is actually much shorter than his on-screen presence would suggest. Those who pay attention to the credits or look closely when Tom is shaking hands with others will realize that the Top Gun actor is actually 5’8.

  1. Penelope Cruz – 5’5

The Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz, is an international treasure despite being slightly shorter than many people expect her to be. For her beauty and charm, Penelope stands tall at 5’5 but is taller than Miley Cyrus by just an inch.

  1. Robert Downey Jr – 5’7

Iron Man himself; Robert Downey Jr has been making headlines since his stellar in the 2008 blockbuster. Like Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark, the actor is actually a bit shorter than expected. Robert Downey Jr stands at only 5’7.

  1. Justin Bieber – 5’9

The Star of YouTube and music, Justin Bieber has been in the public eye since he released his first album in 2010. Despite appearing to tower above some of his fellow youth icons, Justin Bieber is actually a few inches shorter than expected. He stands at 5’9

So, there you have it folks; a list of celebrities who are shorter than you think! As you can now see, looks can be deceiving when it comes to assessing people’s heights, especially the heights of famous people. So, the next time you are assumed to be taller or shorter than you actually are, don’t despair – you can thank these celebrities for giving you confidence and letting you know that perceptions aren’t always accurate when it comes to height – you are who you are and that’s how it should be.