Chrissy Teigen’s line of cookware and housewares is no longer available on Target’s website, leading some of her fans to speculate about what really happened to cause them to drop it. There has been much speculation as to why Target removed the line, but the real reason is actually much more complicated than it initially seems.

 It has to do with everything from Teigen’s complicated political past to a few lawsuits and Target dropping their relationship with the LINESTAR company, which distributes the products through Target. The implications of this decision will likely still be felt for years to come.

Chrissy Teigen’s Popularity

Chrissy Teigen’s cookware and housewares were a popular item at Target, as Teigen is a well-known celebrity. She has her own show on the Food Network, has written two popular cookbooks, and has over 11 million followers on Instagram. Teigen is popular among celebrity chefs and foodies alike, and it’s no surprise that her line of cookware and housewares was successful when it was initially released through Target.

The Controversy Surrounding Chrissy Teigen

Unfortunately, the past year has not been kind to Teigen. In July 2020, a controversial tweet from 2013 resurfaced, which revealed that Teigen had harassed a model in the past. Following this tweet, some fans began to call for a boycott of Teigen’s products, as well as canceling her shows and cookbooks.

Additionally, Teigen was also hit with a number of lawsuits in mid-2021 due to alleged false promotion of a Company she had been involved with. Teigen’s involvement with this company had been the subject of intense scrutiny in the past due to its links to controversial figures and organizations.

The Reasons Behind Target’s Decision

The combination of the resurfaced tweet and the lawsuits are likely to have been the factors that pushed Target over the edge and lead to their decision to pull the line. It is likely that Target wanted to distance itself from any further controversy or damage to its reputation, as well as any potential backlash or boycotts that could be associated with Teigen.

As well as the controversy, Target’s decision is likely to have been significantly influenced by the fact that their partner company, LINESTAR, had dropped the partnership. It is unclear if this was spurred by the controversies surrounding Teigen, or if it was due to other business-related factors, but the end result was still the same: Target was unable to continue selling Teigen’s products.

The Future of Chrissy Teigen’s Line

The repercussions of Target’s decision to drop Teigen’s products are likely to be felt for years to come. Teigen’s products are no longer available on Target’s website and it is unclear if, or when, they might make a return.

Some sites, including Amazon, have reported an uptick in sales of Chrissy Teigen’s products, so there is still some hope for the line. But without the backing of a major retailer, the future is uncertain.

The real reason why Target pulled Chrissy Teigen’s line from their website is difficult to pinpoint, but it probably has something to do with the combination of a resurfaced tweet from 2013, multiple lawsuits, and the fact that LINESTAR, their partner company, dropped their partnership. The implications of this decision could end up having a major impact on Teigen’s line and her career in the future. Only time will tell if the line will make a comeback or if it will disappear forever.