Awe-Inspiring, Yet So Unfamiliar When it comes to the unknown, most people think of outer space, the final frontier that has captivated the collective imagination since mankind first looked up towards the heavens. But even though exploring outer space is incredibly exciting, the ocean holds mysteries of its own that can be more intimidating than even dark matter or black holes.

What Are the Scariest Things About the Ocean?
Below are some of the scarier characteristics of the underwater world which surpass most unsettling things about outer space.

  1. Darkness
    One of the great fears of the seas is the darkness, an all-enveloping and opaque void that is both gripping and disconcerting. Outer space does not have this same kind of darkness because there is no air to obstruct the light from stars and galaxies from reaching your eyes. On the other hand, water is such an effective absorber of sunlight that there is virtually no visibility beyond a few feet in the ocean.

  2. The Unfathomable Depths
    In comparison to outer space, the ocean environment is much more tangible to humans. The vastness of outer space is difficult to visualize, but the ocean offers a tangible limit – the sea floor. The deepest parts of the ocean reach down to 11,000 meters, and the pressure becomes so great that no person can ever visit those parts and survive. That giant, unknown abyss is scarier than any astronomical body.

  3. Unknown Creatures
    The deeper one delves into the ocean, the stranger the creatures and organisms that can be encountered become. Many of them appear to be from a totally different world, often equipped with unusual adaptations. The bizarre shapes and senses of these creatures are enough to unsettle even the most hardened explorer.

  4. Unknown Hazards
    Beyond huge whirlpools and tsunamis, the ocean sometimes poses unique dangers that are not evident in outer space. Toxic chemicals, poisonous organisms like jellyfish, stinging nettles and sea snakes, and the immense pressure from below can all put at risk the life of an inexperienced diver.

  5. Sense of Isolation
    The ocean offers a different kind of loneliness than outer space, one that is less abstract. Despite the occasional visibility of other creatures underwater, an individual has the strange feeling of being alone in the middle of nowhere, submerged in a seemingly infinite black liquid. Not even the shrillest cries in the water will echo too far out of this vast, undiscovered expanse.

  6. A Lack of Distant Spheres
    In a vast star-filled night sky, the stars look so close, like you can reach up and touch them. The sea, however, has no distant spheres, no milky way or constellations of planets and stars that can be seen or used for navigation or inspiration.

Unique Possibilities
Outer space may always have a certain hold on human imagination and exploration, but the ocean is an environment full of possibilities and awe-inspiring discoveries. Exploring the ocean presents underwater mysteries that surpasses those found in outer space, from unspeakable depths to untapped creatures. And with each plunge, there is an invigorating sense of discovery and wonder.