These days, Delta Burke is best known as the feisty Suzanne Sugarbaker in the beloved 90’s sitcom Designing Women. Filled with humor and heart, Designing Women ran for seven seasons and continued to entertain fans throughout its run. Now, years later fans are still wondering what happened to Suzanne Sugarbaker and Delta Burke. Here is a look at what Delta Burke has been up to since Designing Women wrapped up.

Early Life and the Start of Her Fame

Delta Burke was born on July 30th, 1956 in Orlando, Florida. Following her appreciation for the theater, Delta attended the prestigious Juilliard School for drama in New York. It was during her time at Juilliard that Burke developed her acting chops and began to hone her comedic timing.

After attending Juilliard, Burke went on to book commercials, theatrical roles, and eventually starred in the beloved 80’s TV series, Filthy Rich. During her time on Filthy Rich, Burke was nominated for an Emmy Award. It was her nomination that scored Burke the role of Suzanne Sugarbaker in Designing Women. It was the role of a lifetime and one that earned her international acclaim and adoration from fans.

Life After “Designing Women”

As the 90’s ended, so did Designing Women. Burke went on to take on a variety of projects both on and off-screen. In 1997 Burke wrote a book, Delta Style: Eve Wasn’t a Size 6 and Neither Am I. In 2007, Burke starred in a Lifetime movie, To Be Fat Like Me. She also made frequent guest appearances on TV shows like Drop Dead Diva, Charmed, and Strong Medicine.

Delta Burke was cast to be the female lead in a U.S. version of the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous, however the show never made it past the pilot. Burke continued to work throughout the 2000’s and was seen in TV movies and primetime shows.

Preserving Suzanne Sugarbaker’s Legacy

Fans of Designing Women will always think of Delta Burke when they think of strong and witty female characters. Burke once said, “I’ve always had an affinity for Southern women, particularly those of the era in which Designing Women was set—the sophisticated and the plain-speaking, the straight-shooters, the hardworking yet stylish.”

Burke’s character, Suzanne Sugarbaker, embodied all of these traits. The character was so beloved that fans of Designing Women often paid tribute to her in various ways. From Suzanne Sugarbaker themed parties to cosplays, fans have expressed their admiration and love in remarkable ways.

Fitness and Health

Delta Burke is an advocate for fitness and health. The veteran actress has said one of her favorite physical activities is water aerobics. She even continues her water aerobics class during the pandemic, albeit with a few restrictions. Her diet consists of fresh proteins and vegetables. Delta Burke is even a fan of vegan options and healthy snacking.

Delta Burke Today

Today, Delta Burke is an accomplished actress and respected voice in the industry. Burke has earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her work in Designing Women, and she’s been given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She continues to work with new projects in the works, and fans can always look forward to seeing more of Delta Burke on their screens.

Despite the many roles she’s had through the years, fans will always remember Burke and her beloved character, Suzanne Sugarbaker, with the same kind of admiration and respect. Delta Burke has not only had the pleasure of playing the memorable Suzanne Sugarbaker, an iconic character for many, but she’s also set a stellar example for veteran actresses.