Start off your week with a smile and check out the best of Tuesday Memes. Whether you are just beginning a week of long-term projects or recharging to take on the world, a comedy and some funny memes can help you face life’s obstacles and make every week better. Here are some of the best Tuesday memes to keep you laughing each week.

What is A Meme

A meme is an image, joke, phrase, or anything that transmits quickly from one person to another through the internet. It’s often used to make jokes, or to make a point in a clever or funny way.

They may appear whimsical or outrageous, but they are usually clever or humorous and can provoke deep thought. Memes generally spread on the internet by being shared on social media sites and emailed to friends, family and co-workers. On Tuesday, you can cheer up your day with these funny Tuesday memes.

Why Tuesday Memes Are Popular

Tuesday memes make the online world a little more bearable for many people. Instead of just passively browsing the web, people like to share their thoughts and ideas in an entertaining and easy-to-digest format.

In some cases, people use these memes to express their opinions in a humorous way, taking a lighthearted approach to topics they might normally feel strongly about. Also, as we become more and more connected to one another through the internet, memes can be seen as a way to connect with one another, even if we’re miles apart.

Types of Tuesday Memes

There are tons of different kinds of Tuesday memes, from silly and lighthearted to thought provoking and serious.

The most popular Tuesday memes are usually lighthearted and humorous, featuring clever jokes and puns. Popular game memes often feature questions or challenges that require some creativity from the reader. Others use clever artwork to make the point in an eye-catching way.

In some cases, Tuesday memes go beyond the basics and try to capture some of the big-picture issues that might otherwise be difficult to express succinctly. Political memes, for instance, distill complex opinions and arguments into a single, powerful image.

Best Tuesday Memes

Here are some of the funniest and most thought-provoking memes to keep your weekstrong!

Motivational Tuesday Memes

Nothing like a motivational quote to help you get through a Tuesday. Whether you’re tackling school or work, a bit of inspiration can help get your week going.

• “It’s Tuesday. Get up and do something amazing.”
• “Start today with a smile, it’s Tuesday.”
• “Tuesday isn’t so bad. After all, it’s not Monday.”
• “Be so good they can’t ignore you. It’s Tuesday, hustle.”

Funny Tuesday Memes

Tuesday can definitely be a drag, and funny memes can help keep your spirits up. Whether you’re having a lighthearted moment or need a chuckle, these funny memes are sure to put a smile on your face.

• “It’s Tuesday which means I still haven’t been fired yet. Not a bad day so far.”
• “When the inner dialogue says “Don’t do it” but the heart says “Go on, it’s Tuesday”
• “Tuesday: The day between Monday and Wednesday.”
• “I knew it was Tuesday when I made it to work without calling in sick.”

Celebrity Tuesday Memes

With so many celebrities sharing their thoughts and experiences on social media, it’s no surprise that celebrity-themed Tuesday memes are also very popular. This hilarious collection of celebrity memes is sure to put a smile on your face.

• “Kanye West on a Tuesday morning: Wake up. Brush teeth. Make beats.”
• “What’s Ariana Grande up to on a Tuesday? Rehearsals, rehearsals, and more rehearsals.”
• “If you’re having a Tuesday and don’t know what to do about it, just ask Rihanna for her advice.”
• “Oprah on a Tuesday: You get a meme, and you get a meme and you get a meme!”

TV Memes

Tuesday is often a night for watching your favorite TV shows. Why not try one of these funny TV-related Tuesday memes to break up the monotony while you wait for your show?

• “It’s Tuesday, I think I’ll go on a bender like Ross did on Friends.”
• “The Office is always on a Tuesday night somewhere in the world.”
• “On a Tuesday night, I just need to Netflix and chill — no one needs to know.”
• “Wait, it’s Tuesday already? I guess I’m all in for a Grey’s Anatomy marathon.”

Caturday Memes

Caturday memes can be a great way to keep your audience smiling on Tuesday, no matter how hectic the week is. These memes feature some of our furry friends in humorous situations that’ll make you laugh out loud.

• “It’s Caturday, which means it’s almost Sunday!”
• “Happy Caturday, it’s a day off like no other.”
• “When it’s finally Tuesday, but it’s still Caturday.”
• “It’s Caturday, so don’t worry be grumpy!”

Tuesday memes can be a great way to start off your week. Whether you’re looking for some motivational words, a chuckle, or an interesting take on your favorite TV show, there’s something out there to make your Tuesday (and the rest of the week) that much better. Give yourself a break and share some of these Tuesday memes with your friends and family to liven up your day and keep your week going strong.